Connect REST API

Updated: May 18, 2021


Connect REST API provides you with the lowest-level access to the functionality of the Connect Platform. All other integration methods, like our Portals, SDKs and Extensions are built on top of the REST API layer as schematically illustrated below:

Before building your integration directly with the REST API, please consider integrating using higher-level (and faster to build) options first. It might be simpler for you to work with Connect through one of our SDKs and Extensions.


Connect REST APIs are available for consumption of Vendors and Distributors as schematically illustrated by the following diagram:

Authentication of all inbound API calls from Vendors and Distributors is performed using account-level tokens (see Tokens overview in the Extensions management module).

All outbound communication from Connect to Vendor and Distributors is initiated from the special endpoint to allow for optional firewall configuration by our partners.

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