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Updated: September 7, 2021

About Connect

Connect is a Supply Management Platform that is designed to work with various systems and actors of the supply chain. The Connect platform is increasingly helpful for the following key scenarios (also referred to as flows):

  1. Contract (Agreement) Flow
  2. Product (Information) Flow 
  3. Fulfillment (Fulfillment) Flows
  4. Usage (Consumption) Flow

Connect represent a cloud-based service that is designed to work in a multi-brand environment from day one. Each portal on Connect (i.e., Vendor, Distributor and Reseller Portals) supports white-labeling as illustrated in the following diagram:

One of the most relevant features for Distributor, Reseller and Vendor collaborations is the Connect Catalog. By using corresponding agreements, every Distributor can provide Vendor products for Resellers.

Why Integration Matters?

The Connect platform enables its users to work in real-time with the transactions generated between distributors, resellers and customers. By integrating Connect with your platform, you will drastically reduce time for various marketing operations and simultaneously eliminate any possible errors. Connect allows you to address the automation for your business and collaborations with your business partners. Thus, increasing both productivity and reliability of your organization.

Alongside the business purposes, integration with the Connect platform provides your organization with an upper hand in decision making. Connect can be used to create alerts or notifications as well as to generate various reports and product usage files.

Another reason to integrate Connect with your platform is a messaging system. For each transaction, Connect generates a request and provides the conversation box. Vendors, Resellers and Distributors can post a message in that conversation box and consequently generate a transaction history.

Available Extensions & SDKs

You can integrate CloudBlue Connect to your system or various platforms by using a set of tools that are presented below: 

Furthermore, note that the CloudBlue Connect platform and each of its Portals feature continuously increasing opportunities for integrations with Vendor, Distributor or Reseller systems as well as third party platforms and software solutions.

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