The apsconnectcli is a legacy command line tool helps Providers with product lifecycle automation in the CloudBlue Commerce.

Warning: This tool is going to be discontinued as of January 2021.

apsconnectcli is a part of the CloudBlue Connect Extension for the CloudBlue Commerce, as illustrated by the following diagram:

Providers need to use this tool to initialize Hub connectivity and install product packages. Linux and MacOS environments are supported. For details about the tool please refer to its GitHub page:

for details regarding the tool.

Install or Update

In order to install new or update existing version of the tool, please run the following command:

$ pip install -U apsconnectcli

To check version of the tool, use the following command

$ apsconnect version
APSConnect-cli v19.7

CB Commerce Instance Connectivity

You’ll need to have an access to the CB Commerce API (xmlrpc). Run the following command in order to connect to Provider’s Hub:

$ apsconnect init-hub <hub hostname>

Once configured, the tool can be used to install new versions of updates to the Product Packages as described in the Product APS Packages.

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