Cloudblue Connect Mulesoft Extension

Updated: July 19, 2021


The Connect Mulesoft Extension (also called CloudBlue Connect Connector in the Mulesoft ecosystem) enables Vendors, Distributors and Resellers to seamlessly integrate their fulfillment processes into the internal or line-of-business systems.

Therefore, by using this Connector you can build a Mulesoft Application to link, transform and deliver required data between the Connect portal and your selected platform.


The Connect Mulesoft Extension provides more than 70 functions to build integrations between CloudBlue Connect and third-party platforms using the Mulesoft ecosystem. This extension has different categories of functions:

  • Create: Used for Purchase Requests creation, Products creation, etc.
  • Get: Retrieve an object like Tier, Customer, Helpdesk Case, etc.
  • List: Retrieve objects lists that are filtered via your specified conditions.
  • Update: Update a record with new data.
  • Change Status: These functions allow to change the status of an object like Accept Tier Account Request or Approve Tier Config Request.
  • Webhook: Create a Connect webhook by specifying the URL and path of your Mulesoft Integration.

Refer to Operations List to get a list of all available Connector operations.

More Information

The following articles introduces the Mulesoft platform, describes two methods to build your integration via Mulesoft solutions, showcases how to integrate the Salesforce platform with Connect via Mulesoft:

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