The CloudBlue Connect Mulesoft extension features many resources types that, combined with Operations is possible to create extensions that manage the most functionality of Cloudblue Connect

The following list describes the Resources that the extension manages:

  • Asset
  • Case
  • Conversation Messages
  • Product
  • Product Action
  • Product Action Link
  • Product Item
  • Product Parameter
  • Product Template
  • Request
  • Subscription Asset
  • Subscription Request
  • Tier Account
  • Tier Account Request
  • Tier Account Version
  • Tier Config
  • Tier Config Request
  • Usage Chunk
  • Usage Reconciliation
  • Usage Record
  • Usage Report

And the Operations that can be implemented:

  • Create Resource
  • Get Resource
  • List Resource
  • Resource Action
  • Request Validation Listener
  • TCR Validation Listener
  • Download File

The availability of the Operation by Resource depends on the Resource type.

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