Updated: September 8, 2021

About Flowgear

Flowgear is an enterprise-grade platform that enables companies of any size to boost productivity & profitability through pre-built, reusable integrations, and APIs

By using Flowgear’s robust platform, you can create enterprise-grade, code-free integrations for your business processes – quickly eliminating the time and cost of developing and maintaining individually hand-coded point-to-point connections.

Developers and integrators can take advantage of our intuitive drag and drop visual designer which encompasses a comprehensive library of pre-built APIs, connectors, and workflow templates. The Flowgear platform is 100% scalable and is backed by a professional support team and robust service level agreements.

Flowgear Connector

Flowgear’s CloudBlue Connect Connector enables vendors and providers to seamlessly integrate their fulfilment processes into their internal or line-of-business systems without coding.

Flowgear integrations are designed visually as Workflows, enabling users to quickly build integration pipelines. Build complex data transformations visually to ensure the fastest possible time to value without obscuring the transformation in script or code.

The platform offers agility and flexibility without sacrificing control. It offers much lower initial costs and makes sophisticated application integration accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Flowgear’s architecture makes it suitable for many categories of use cases, including cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premise, and purely on-premise integration.

Through its DropPoint technology, Flowgear enables integrations to securely access approved on-premise data sources without requiring any special considerations during workflow design.

With the objective of facilitating the integration between CloudBlue Connect and the Vendor, Distributor or Reseller platforms, it creates a solution that consists of Flowgear Connectors that represents your business case and satisfies your business outcomes.

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Each Flowgear integration is composed of a Flowegear Connectors and it’s configuration called the Flowgear Workflow.

What’s Next?

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