Onboarding process to Microsoft Commercial Partner Connect Integration

Updated: November 20, 2020


CloudBlue Connect is a cloud end-to-end supply automation platform that joins independent software vendors’ and service providers’ efforts to reach their business goals most effectively and efficiently. For this purpose, it provides a highly customizable service to arrange various integrated business flows – including contract management, product information flow, ordering and fulfillment, subscription management, and resource usage reporting.

The CloudBlue Catalog currently has more than 170 SaaS products and is growing each month. You can visit the catalog at https://catalog.cloudblue.com/products/

Using  Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Connect Integration, the ISVs who publish their products in CloudBlue Connect Catalog can also publish the products in AppSource Marketplace or Azure Marketplace and manage the sale and the fulfillment with ease.

There are some technical and business requirements to use this integration:

1. Be a Microsoft partner

The Microsoft Partner Network gives you the widest range of products in the industry, as well as program options to differentiate your business, go to market, and sell your solutions.

First, enroll at no cost, then choose how to invest in your partnership with a Microsoft action pack, starter kit, or competency.

To join the Microsoft Partner Network, go to the Membership page on the MPN website and select Enroll or Join now.

Once your company is enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Program, you must enroll in the Commercial Marketplace Program, then your company is able to publish offers into the marketplaces. 

To enroll in the Commercial Marketplace Program, go to Home → Add Program and select Commercial Marketplace Program. 

If the enrollment was correct and validated, you will see on the left menu the option Commercial Marketplace. 

2. Create the product in CloudBlue Connect

You must create your product into CloudBlue Connect. 

When you configure the listing to enroll the Provider, you must select AppSource Marketplace

3. Create the offer in Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

Publish workflow

To publish an offer in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

1. Submission: Create the offer and submit it for review.

2. Review: The AppSource team will check that your app meets the criteria and will send you the metadata requirements and instructions for onboarding your app.

3. Staging: Onboard your app for staging and testing.

4. Publishing: Once you and Microsoft are satisfied with the staging and testing results, post your app.

5. Go To Market: once your app is published, the Microsoft GTM services team will reach out to you about go to market programs to grow your presence on AppSource.

Technical requirements

These technical requirements apply to the Sell through Microsoft listing option:

  • You can enable both Microsoft Accounts (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for authenticating users.
  • Azure AD with single sign-on (SSO) identity management and authentication is required for the buying user to access the landing page.
  • You must use the SaaS Fulfillment APIs to integrate with Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. You need to expose a service that can interact with the SaaS subscription to create, update, and delete a user account and service plan. 
  • You must create at least one plan for your offer. Your plan is priced based on the pricing model you select before publishing: flat rate or per-user.
  • The customer can cancel your offer at any time.

Customer Leads

You must connect your offer to your customer relationship management (CRM) system to collect customer information. The customer will be asked for permission to share their information.

These customer details, along with the offer name, ID, and online store where they found your offer, will be sent to the CRM system that you’ve configured. 

Selecting Store

When you publish a SaaS offer, it will be listed in Microsoft AppSource, Azure Marketplace, or both. Each online store serves unique customer requirements. AppSource is for business solutions and Azure Marketplace is for IT solutions.

Your offer type, transact capabilities, and categories will determine where your offer will be published. Categories and subcategories are mapped to each online store based on the solution type. For detailed information about selecting an online store, see Selecting an online store.

Create an offer

In the step technical configuration, you must set up the followings values:

Landing page https://cloudblue.connect.com/portal/[tenant_id]/[connect_product_id]/start

Webhook page: https://cloudblue.connect.com/portal/[tenant_id]/[connect_product_id]/notification

Modeling the Offer Plan

Product in ConnectOffer in Microsoft Marketplace
1 item in “Reservation”Create one plan “Per User”
More than 1 item In “Reservation”Create one plan by item “Per User”
1 item in “Pay as you go”Crete one plan “flat rate” without dimensions
More than 1 item in “Pay as you go”Crete one plan “flat rate” with a dimension by item

4. Configure the integration

To configure and enable the integration, please contact Martin Constante from the CloudBlue Connect team for further guidance.

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