Create Zapier APP Connection

Updated: March 5, 2020


In order for Zapier to automatically push data from one of your apps to another, you must first connect those apps to Zapier. This will give Zapier secure access to read and/or write data to those apps.

There are two ways you can connect your app accounts to Zapier: from the My Apps page, or from the Zap editor. You can also connect multiple accounts with a single app to Zapier.
Zapier uses bank-level encryption to protect the credentials that you use to access your app accounts. Zapier only takes actions in your app accounts that are required to run the Zaps you create.

Connect app accounts from My Apps

  • Go to My Apps.
  • Click the Connect a new account… dropdown menu, then search for and select the app you want to connect.
  • A new browser tab or window will open. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your app account.

You’ll now be able to build Zaps using the newly-connected app.

Connect app accounts from the Zap editor

You can also connect new apps when you build Zaps in the editor. After you select an app and an event in a trigger or action step, you’ll be prompted to connect your app account. Click Connect an Account. A new browser tab or window will open, and you can follow the on-screen instructions to connect your app account.

Connection Process

Zapier Cloudblue Connect APP needs an authentication token to create a connection. This token is obtained into the Provider or Vendor portal –> API–> General –> Token, CREATE TOKEN

Copy the Authorization Header to clipboard

Go to Connect an Account or Connect a New Account and paste from clipboard into Auth Token field

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