Signing Contracts

Updated: January 29, 2021

Switch Point

Switch here from the Provider Tutorial after creating a program contract in the Provider Portal as described in Invite your vendor. You start this step using an activation link of that contract.

Sign the Program Contract


Whether your vendor already exists in Connect or it is a new one, signing a program contract with a provider is the first step in setting a partnership.

1. Access the activation page

Paste the activation link to your browser address field to access the contract activation page:

  • Your email: Enter your email address that can be the same that you use to work in the Provider Portal.
  • Read the program agreement and confirm that you have read and accepted the agreement.

Click Next to continue.

2. Create an account

Select Create new account in the following form:

Click Next to continue.

3. Enter your account name

Specify you account company name:

Click Next to continue.

4. Activate the contract

The Activation page will provide general information about the contract and your company name:

Click the Activate button to activate your contract and the Vendor Portal.

5. Proceed to the Vendor Portal

The system will notify you about the successful activation:

Click Proceed to the Vendor Portal.

Therefore, you get access to the Vendor Portal to represent the new vendor called “Front Street, LLC.” Keep this tab in your browser open in order to switch to this portal according to the tutorial track.

Sign the Distribution Contract


A vendor needs at least one distribution contract to sell their products through a specific marketplace. This contract must be associated with a distribution agreement located in the program agreement that the vendor already accepted when signing the program contract.

1. Locate the distribution agreement

Navigate to the Agreements module on the Vendor Portal:

For this new vendor, there is only one program agreement, and inside of it, there is a distribution agreement. Click Enroll to proceed.

2. Accept the distribution agreement

In the pop-up window, read the agreement document:

Confirm that you have read and accepted the agreement and then click the Enroll button.

3. Review the contract state

After the previous step is completed, you have a new contract whose state is pending:

Switch Point

The new distribution contract is pending the provider’s confirmation.
Switch back to the Provider Tutorial and follow the Sign the Distribution Contract instructions there.

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