Processing Fulfillment Requests

Updated: April 9, 2021

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You come here after the provider requested the product for a customer as instructed in Ordering the Product in the Provider Tutorial.

Process a Fulfillment Request


In this scenario, a representative of the vendor (Front Street Inc.) must access a pending request, generate a license key for the customer and approve the request.

The request processing is similar to the Fulfill the Product Request operation from the product preview.

1. Navigate to the Fulfillment section

Go to the Subscription module on the Vendor Portal:

Proceed to the Fulfillment section.

2. Locate a fulfillment request

Locate a pending fulfillment request and click on its ID:

3. Review your request

The Request details screen provides the following request data:

  • The Reservation tab displays the information on the ordered items.
  • The Parameters tab contains a list of configured product parameters.
  • The Tiers tab displays the customer and reseller properties.

4. Locate product parameters


In the fulfillment phase, a vendor must specify the product fulfillment parameters. In this scenario, a vendor generates a product license for the customer as a fulfillment parameter.

Proceed to the Parameters tab and locate your product parameter:

Click the Edit button next to your created parameter.

5. Specify parameter values

Specify your parameter value in the following form:

In this scenario, a unique license key will be provided as the fulfillment parameter value.

Click the Save button to save your specified value.

6. Approve the request

Click the Approve button on the Fulfillment request details screen.

In the pop-up window, click OK to confirm the decision. The request state will be changed to Approved.

Switch Point

As a result, Provider receives a notification about the approved fulfillment request. Refer Verify the Product Request Fulfillment from the Provider Tutorial to verify your fulfillment status and access specified parameter values.


You went through a simple product request fulfillment process. After this process, the customer that requested the product receives the generated license key that will be used to access the vendor product.

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