Updated: July 23, 2021


The CloudBlue Connect platform enables you to brand (white-label) various aspects of the graphical user interface, as it displayed in the example below: 

Brand A features the blue color scheme and the CloudBlue logo on the sign-in screen and navigation menu.
Brand B features black color scheme and custom logo on the sign-in screen and navigation menu. These brands also include other differences that are described below.

The following article covers all elements that are available for the user interface configuration. Note that your portal branding can only be configured by the Connect staff only. In addition, branding doesn’t represent a module on the Connect platform. However, branding attributes directly affect the interface appearance, logos, domains, and more.

Therefore, this article introduces all data that should be provided to your account manager and that is necessary for the portals branding configuration.

Portal Customization

The CloudBlue Connect user interface allows customizing the Vendor, Distributor and Reseller Portals, activation screens, and other various forms or URLs. All available branding attributes that can be changed are schematically illustrated and described below:

1FaviconWebsite (URL, bookmark) icon
2Main colorMain color that is used on Connect; e.g., color of navigation panel, sign-in screen, etc.
3 LogoDistributor logo that is shown on the Distributor, Reseller and Vendor Portals
4NamePortal name that can also be customized
5Domain Edit domain names for the Connect portal, activation form interface and API endpoint
6Sign Up URL
Customizable link that allows Vendors and Resellers to register new accounts

Email Notifications

The Connect platform automatically sends emails and notifications to different actors. For example, once Vendors receive a new request, the system sends them a notification. Distributors can customize the following aspects for it’s brand:

7CompanyCompany name that represents the email notification sender
8FooterYour specified disclaimer or any other text for the notification footer
9AddressCustomizable email address of the sender

User Agreement

The system can prompt new users to accept your specified agreement before these users are enrolled to Connect. Provided user agreement should be accepted once a new Vendor or Reseller account is generated or in case a new user is invited to created account. Therefore, users are required to provide contact information and accept the agreement that can be referenced from an external source.

Note that specifying your user agreement is an optional procedure. The system will not display this agreement in case it is not provided.

10User AgreementA link that redirects to your specified user agreement

SSL Certificates

Connect users interact with the platform via the following access points:

  • Connect portal
  • Fulfillment API endpoint
  • Activation forms for end customers

Each of these access points are protected by using SSL certificates. Therefore, in order to issue a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) the system requires to provide the following information:




11OrganizationAcme Inc
12Organizational UnitAcme Cloud

Requesting Your Brand

Contact your Technical Account manager and provide your brand attributes that are summarized in the following table:

2   Logo

3Main colorRGB(136,0,7)
4NameAcme Cloud Portal
5Domains– Connect Portal:
– Activate UI:
– Fulfillment API:
6Sign UP URL
7CompanyAcme Inc
8Footer“This email may contain material that is confidential, and proprietary to Acme Inc, for the sole use of the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies.”
10User Agreement
11Organization for CSRAcme Inc

12Organizational Unit for CSRAcme Cloud
13Country for CSRUS
14State for CSRCalifornia
15Locality for CSRIrvine
16Email Address for
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