Updated: October 14, 2020

The Contracts module enables providers and vendors to sign and manage business contracts based on corresponding agreements.

Data Model

Using this module, providers and vendors can create, view, and manage business objects of the following types:

  • Program contract: a contract that a provider and a vendor sign to set their business partnership.
  • Distribution contract: a contract between a provider and a vendor on supplying the vendor’s certain services or goods through a marketplace of the provider.
  • Service contract: a contract between two providers. One of the providers uses this contract to invite the other provider to Connect.
  • Syndication contract: a contract between two providers. Following this contract, one of the providers supplies a vendor product through the other provider.

NOTE: Every contract type in the above list is based on a corresponding agreement type. A provider can use an agreement to establish several contracts of the corresponding type.


The Contracts main screen for vendors and providers looks similar, though only providers are allowed to create new contracts.

In the above list, a provider finds general contract information:

  • Contract ID: a unique ID that the platform assigns to a particular contract
  • Agreement: a reference to the associated agreement
  • Marketplace: for a distribution contract, the reference to the associated marketplace
  • Contract Account: the partner of this contract
  • Note: an internal note added to the contract by the provider
  • Status: the current state of the contract

To narrow down a list of contracts, a provider or vendor can use search patterns as generally described in Data Grids.

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