Integrate helpdesk module with commercial helpdesk platforms

Updated: March 17, 2021


The Cloudblue Connect helpdesk module allows the management of incidents and communications between partners related to the helpdesk cases.

Using the portal, the partner can review the status of the cases and the communications that are happening.

Although the portal also has a very friendly and easy-to-use interface, the reality is that the partner is not always consulting said platform.

In order for the partner to be notified that a change in the case has occurred or that a new message has been generated in the case, Cloudblue Connect offers a range of integration possibilities with third-party messaging platforms such as instant messaging systems or electronic mail.

Those integrations could made using

  • API
  • SDKs
  • Plataformas de integración
    • Flowgear
    • Zapier

Integration Example

Following with the integration examples, using the Zapier Cloudblue Connect App, two use cases are shown:

  • Notify a new case by email
  • Notify a new message to an instant messaging system.

Notify a new case by email

The objective is to send an email to the agents involved in the ticket with the data of the new ticket.

The platform used for sending emails will be Sendgrid.

For this we are going to create an integration in Zapier with two steps:

First, we select the New Case in Cloudblue Connect trigger from the Cloudblue connect App.

In the filters step, we can add the cases that we want to select.

Then a next Sendgrid step is created where the fields that we want to show in the mail are configured in the body of the message.

Last, the integration is tested. 

Notify a new message to an instant messaging system

From the creation of a bot in an instant messaging platform, new messages will be received from the cases corresponding to a partner.

The platform used in this case is Telegram.

Preconfiguration: First you have to create a bot in telegram.

To do this, a message “/start” is sent to the user @BotFather

When the chat is opened, the channel must first be created with the “/newbot” command and follow the instructions.

Once created, the wizard reports the access token, which will be used for communication.

Then you must create a group and add the bot user and all the users who want to receive the messages of the cases.

To obtain the chat ID it is necessary to make a GET call to the api with the url:<api_key>/getUpdates

Zapier integration: 

A new Zap will be created, the first step is to select the New Case Comment in CloudBlue Connect trigger in the Cloudblue Connect App, then the account.

In the filters, you must select the identifier corresponding to the case in which you want to listen to the messages.

Then a new step of the type Webhooks by Zapier and action POST has to be created.

The url of the post is made up of:<api_key>/sendMessage

The following additional fields must be configured:

chat_id: identifier of the chat obtained in the GET call

text: the body of the message from the previous step

parser: markdown

Then the integration is tested.

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