Updated: July 20, 2021

This article describes how you can change your email preferences within the CloudBlue Connect portal as it relates to fulfillment requests.

Fulfillment Requests Emails

In Connect, whenever a Fulfillment Request is generated, an automatic email is created and sent out to all the users on the account. This information notifies the users that there is a request in the queue. An email is also generated when there is an action taken upon the request, such as pending or approve actions. To turn off these email notifications, please navigate to your User settings and click View Profile, located on the top right of the Portal.

Scroll down to the Email notification settings section and toggle the Receive notifications on fulfillment requests settings off (toggled left)

That’s it! The email associated with the user should no longer receive any fulfillment requests email notifications.

Important Note

This email setting is on a user-level. This means that the other users on the account-level is unaffected and may still receive notifications, depending on individual preferences. In addition, if the user is part of multiple accounts, all fulfillment requests from those accounts will be stopped.

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