Billing Requests

Updated: September 13, 2022

    Billing requests represent objects on the CloudBlue Connect platform that contain essential information for subsequent billing operations. Namely, this includes associated billing periods, tier account data, billing attributes, information on purchased items, and more. The following article describes the workflow of the billing requests objects and outlines billing request types that are available on the platform.

    Billing Requests Types

    All billing request objects can be accessed via the Billing section of the Subscriptions module. The system provides two types of billing requests that are described below:

    Vendor Billing Requests

    Vendor billing requests are generally created by the system once their corresponding subscription is processed by Vendors. Namely, the Connect platform implements a scheduler that tracks and automatically generates vendor billings requests for provided subscriptions. Note that such requests are also available for associated Distributors.

    Vendors can also manually generate billing requests of this type by using the corresponding button from the subscriptions actions. Refer to the Subscriptions Interface documentation for more information.

    Provider Billing Requests

    Provider billing requests are created by Distributors via their integrated commerce systems. Therefore, once Vendors process submitted subscriptions, the Distributor’s system can generate billing requests of this type according to the configured scheduler. Note that provider billing requests are not available for Vendor accounts.

    Requests Workflow

    The workflow of the Vendor and Provider Billing Requests is schematically illustrated and described below:

    Once a new purchase request is successfully registered on Connect via the Distributor’s commerce system, a new subscription and a new fulfillment requests are generated on the platform. Distributors can also manually generate a subscription and request objects via the subscription creation wizard.

    Next, the Connect platform informs Vendors that a new subscription object is generated and that a new fulfillment request should be processed. Therefore, Connect will automatically create Vendor Billing Requests according to the built-in scheduler. Such requests are available for both Vendors and Distributor accounts on Connect.

    In case the commerce system implements a scheduler that can generate required billing information for the subscription objects, the Connect platform stores this billing data as Provider Billing Requests. Such requests are available for Distributors only.

    Note that the Connect platform does not automatically match Vendor and Provider Billing Requests. Therefore, the number of generated request objects might be different.

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