Requests Management

Updated: July 9, 2021


Fulfillment requests originated from specified marketplace and sent to the CloudBlue Connect platform. Therefore, Vendors can review and manage provided fulfillment requests via the graphical user interface.

Fulfillment requests are also interconnected with subscriptions and stored in the Subscriptions module. Thus, for instance, purchase requests create subscriptions, while cancel requests terminate them. Fulfillment requests can be also generated manually by following the Subscription Creation guidelines.

Note that Vendors are able to create product parameters that can be necessary to fulfill a request. Refer to Product Parameters for more information.

The following showcases how to access your request details and how approve, inquire or reject a request.

Request Details

Click on a request ID from the Fulfillment tab to access the Fulfillment request details screen.

The fulfillment request details screen provides general information like associated product, marketplace, subscription, and request status.

Furthermore, the system provides various data within the following tabs:

  • Reservation: This tab displays required reservation items.
  • Pay as You Go: This tab displays required pay-as-you-go items.
  • Parameters: Access product parameters and the specified parameter values through this tab.
  • Details: This tab specifies associated contracts, Distributor, Vendor and Reseller accounts. In addition, the system displays request creation date, request approval date and effective provisioning date.
  • Tiers: This tab contains customer and reseller accounts information.
  • Requests Chain: This tab contains available product request chains.
  • Configuration: Access available configuration parameters via this tab.

Processing Requests

The fulfillment request details screen enables Vendors to process requests by approving, rejecting, inquiring information, and assigning users as described below.

Assigning Your Account User

Click on the Not Assigned field to assign the fulfillment request to a specific user of your account.

In case this field remains empty and you approve, reject, or transfer this request to the inquiring state, the system will assign you to this fulfillment request automatically.

Approving Requests

Click the Approve button to approve a fulfillment request in the Pending state.


In case any of your required fulfillment parameters remain empty, the system reminds you to provide parameter data via the Parameters tab.

The following form enables Vendors to provide the Effective Date of the subscription activation. In some cases, the actual provisioning date differs from the request activation date. Therefore, the system enables Vendors to specify the effective provisioning date for their fulfillment requests. This allows Connect users to bill their customers by using the effective date timestamp. Note that effective date should be between request created date and your present time.

In addition, Vendors can select one of their subscription Activation Templates that are specified within the the Embedding section of your product profile page.

Inquire Parameter Data

Click on the ellipsis () icon and select the Inquire option in case some of the provided ordering parameter data is not valid or outdated.

Mark ordering parameters that should be changed via the Parameters tab. Thereafter, the system will allow Vendors to inquire parameter data and consequently transfer the request to the Inquiring state.

Set Request to Pending State

In case your request is assigned in the Inquiring state and it is necessary to transfer it back to the Pending state, click the Set to Pending button on the provided interface.

This button can be helpful in various scenarios. For example, in case more ordering parameters should be corrected or updated.

Rejecting Requests

Click on the ellipsis () icon and select the Reject option to reject your selected fulfillment request.

In case a request is approved and not assigned, the system will assign this fulfillment request automatically.

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