Tier Requests

Updated: April 9, 2021


Tier configuration requests (tier requests) represent instances on the CloudBlue Connect platform that allow Partners to consolidate setup or update operations for Tier Configurations. Tier requests are generated in case a Tier scope product parameter is presented and a fulfillment request with the product is created.

All operations with tier requests are performed within the Tier Request Details screen. Here, Vendors can approve Pending tier requests and inquire parameter data from Providers. Vendors and Providers can also manually set the status of a request to Pending. Furthermore, Providers and Vendors can reject a tier request in case of an unrecoverable error.

In case a tier setup is required before approving a request, the system transfers this request to the Tiers Setup state.

Tier Setup

Configure your reseller accounts via the Customers module on the Connect platform. Refer to the Customers module documentation for more information.

The following describes Tier Request Details and provides instructions on how to inquire parameter data, approve tier requests and reject them.

Tier Request Details

Click on your tier request ID from the Requests tab to access the Tier Request Details screen.

The Tier Request Details screen displays general tier request data, such as its Status, Request ID, associated Tier Configuration, specified Product and Marketplace. This screen also contains Notes that display system messages and provides a communication model for Partners.

Additionally, Tier Request Details provides various information within the following tabs:

  • Parameters: This tab contains specified Ordering or Fulfillment parameters. Vendors can specify parameters by using this tab. Note that Vendors can also inquire data of these parameters from Providers.
  • Details: This tab indicates the Provider/Vendor accounts and the connection ID. Furthermore, this tab provides business details, such as contract name, contract creation/update date and its ID.
  • Tiers: Examine your reseller information via this tab.
  • RequestChains: Use this tab to examine request chains and their details.
  • Configuration: Access specified configuration parameters and their details via this tab.

Note that the Assignee field allows selecting an assignee for the following operations. In case assignee is not selected and this field displays Not Assigned, the system assigns an operator automatically.

Approving tier requests

Vendors can approve pending tier requests by accessing Tier Request Details. Follow the steps below to successfully approve a tier request and activate a tier configuration.

1. Click the Approve button from the Tier Request Details screen.

2. Select your Tier Approved activation template in the following form.

3.. Click the Approve button to activate your tier request. Thus, the system will transfers this tier request to the Approved state.

Note that the system will also switch the status of your tier configuration to Active.

Rejecting tier requests

In case of an unrecoverable error, Vendors or Providers can reject a request from Tier Request Details. Follow the steps below to reject a tier request.


Note that rejected tier requests cannot be restored. However, once a tier request is rejected, it is possible to update its associated tier configuration from the Tier Config Details screen.

1. Click on the vertical ellipsis () icon from top right corner of the Tier Request Details screen.

2. Click the appeared Reject button.

3. Leave a failed request note and click the Apply button.

Therefore, your tier request will be rejected and the system will transfer this request to the Failed state.

Inquiring parameter data

Vendors can inquire parameter data from their Partners via Tier Request Details. In this case, the system transfers your tier request to the Inquiring state. Follow the steps below to inquire parameter data.


Providers should specify inquired parameter data via a specific form that can be obtained from a system email. Once a tier request is assigned to the Inquiring state, the system sends an email to a Provider. Thus, this email contains a link that redirects to the required form.

1. Click the Edit button next to your parameter from the Tier Request Details screen.

2. Check the Require changes checkbox to enter your error message.

Enter your message and click Save to continue.

3. Click on the vertical ellipsis () icon from top right corner of the Tier Request Details screen. Thereafter, click the Inquire button.

4. Click Ok to confirm your decision from the pop-up window.

Therefore, the system will transfer your tier request to the Inquiring state and your Provider will be asked to specify required parameter data. Note that once this data is specified, the system transfers your tier request to the Pending state.

Tiers Setup state

In case your tier request is assigned to the Tier Setup state, it is necessary to edit your associated tier account via the Customers module.

Unsupported Tier Account Requests

Make sure that the Tier Account Sync capability is enabled. Otherwise, your tier account requests will be assigned to the Unsupported status. Refer to the Capabilities documentation for more details.

Thereafter, the system generates a tier account request that you can accept or ignore via the Requests tab of the Customers module.

Learn more about tier accounts and tier account requests from the Customers documentation.

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