Accordo Cloud Optimizer for O365

by Accordo Group Ltd.

Drive client engagement and accelerate revenue beyond licensing with Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365. Partners who sell and service Office 365 tenants get actionable insights to better monetize client engagements and target incremental services to maximize client value and business outcomes.


Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 saves time and resources by optimizing client Office 365 license spend and identifying new opportunities to build additional cloud revenue. Other tools provide lots of data to sift through. Accordo Cloud Optimizer makes sense of this data by aggregating, analyzing and exposing key opportunities such as reallocating Office 365 spend across other cloud services. Automated license, adoption and security insights help drive engagement across all clients.


Dynamic aggregated dashboard
Get an at-a-glance view of Office 365 licenses across all clients to zero in on who needs to be engaged with to optimize and improve their cloud spend.

Office 365 license insights
Quickly drill down into clients with the most licenses unassigned and revenue at risk to quickly assess what changes may be needed and how they can optimize and right-size cloud spend.

Secure score insights
View all clients’ secure scores in one place to quickly identify and target clients with initiatives to improve their security posture.

Client growth insights
With visibility into the historical and forecasted growth trends of your clients’ Office 365 licenses, you can build and accelerate client engagement planning.

Billing reconciliation
Quickly reconcile Office 365 billing details and identify discrepancies. If you have ConnectWise Manage or Autotask, discrepancies are identified automatically. Autotask integration is coming soon.

Recommendations engine
Instantly view recommendations to drive client engagement, accelerate monthly revenue and discover pull through projects for future customer engagement planning.


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