Azamba Elite Service Provider

by Azamba Consulting Group

Azamba Elite Service Providers (ESP) deliver expert implementation, customization and managed support services for CRM implementation.


To achieve the desired business outcomes with a CRM solution, a Dynamics 365 CRM expert is the best choice for your customer engagement. End customers experience greater adoption and more business success when our Elite Service Providers (ESP) deliver expert implementation, customization and managed support services. Partners benefit by offering and billing the Dynamics 365 CRM system implementation, customization and support services to ensure end customers are successful with their investment.


• Implementation from Microsoft Dynamics 365 ESPs who have mastered the process of repeatable, cloud-native CRM or ERP implementations.
• Managed CRM or ERP support services from Microsoft Dynamics 365 ESPs who have proven learning management systems and proactive training/support services designed to ensure the end user is successful with their investment.
• Each implementation requires an executed statement of work and a 100% prepayment, as is customary in the CRM and ERP market, to begin the project.
• When ordering Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP implementation services, both a setup SKU and a completion SKU must be ordered.
• When ordering Managed CRM and ERP support services, one of thee base service options SKUs (Standard/Success/Winning) must be ordered and additional user SKUs to match the user count in the environment must be ordered.


• Build a profitable Dynamics 365 business without the risk or investment.
• Grow deeper relationships with your current customers by selling them SaaS-based CRM and ERP solutions that they need.
• Benefit from the years of investment and hard work by our ESP partners in building implementations and support services designed to satisfy end customers and fuel positive business outcomes.
• Stay in control of the end-customer relationship by doing the billing of the licensing, implementation and the ongoing managed services.


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