by Boole Server Srl

BooleBox is one of the most reliable data protection platforms on the market. Archive, edit and share your data with ease, using a rigorous military encryption system.


BooleBox is the security platform to upload, create, share and work on data. Designed for organizations that need to protect sensitive content, BooleBox offers users advanced privacy and full control over data, personal encryption keys and unlimited sharing capabilities, without compromising usability. BooleBox is the data protection solution chosen by the EU Institutions.


Upload and create
Automatically encrypt your files and folders by uploading them into BooleBox with a simple drag and drop. Create new files online and optimize your time through corporate templates. Enhance the security level of your files by setting a personal encryption key.

Classify and share
Classify data according to company policies. Share files and folders with functional limitations. Apply corporate sharing policies to projects, making them accessible in a selective and granular way.

Collaborate and synchronize
Collaboratively work on the same file in real-time with your team. Keep your files updated and protected on your laptop, smartphone and tablet. Accessibility can be granted at any time, from any portable device.

Control the data logs and view which operations have been made, when and where. Manage access permissions and limitations for each workgroup and project.




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