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dSecure is the ultimate solution for protecting your business documents and email communications. It is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office product suite for ease of use. dSecure encrypts everything at the point of creation and for the lifetime of the data.


dSecure provides automatic encryption for documents and emails. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Simply use Microsoft Office as you normally would and then click secure when asked. That’s it. When you receive a document or e-mail that you are authorized to see, then just double click it and you can read it. If you receive a document or e-mail you are not authorized to see, then you won’t be able to read it.

If you accidentally send an email or document to the wrong person, don’t worry. They simply won’t be able to read it. Your information is protected while it is sitting on your computer or while it is making its way through the internet. If it is intercepted or you are hacked, none of your information is disclosed. It stays protected.


Virtually invisible to the user
Documents and emails stay secure, while users stay focused on their jobs.

Protects at the point of creation
Your information is protected while it is stored and during sharing. dSecure also mitigates the threat of disclosure in the event of a breach.

Easy to install
In a minute or two, you are operational with minimal user training.

Easy to use
No need to bother with passwords or encryption keys. Documents and emails are secured automatically.

For any size organization
dSecure is for organizations of any size, from small and medium businesses to larger enterprises.

dSecure provides the latest military-grade encryption with no back doors.

GDPR compliant
dSecure is an active part of your GDPR compliance. By preventing your information from being disclosed even in the event of a breach, your organization is protected from penalties. Plus, your organization can show that you have a control in place that will prevent disclosure of your information.




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