Email Backup and Archive

by Dropsuite Pte Ltd

Dropsuite Email Backup and Archive is a secure and highly scalable SaaS product that allows resellers to automatically backup client emails in the cloud and restore them on demand. It supports Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, Teams), Hosted Exchange, Open-Xchange, G Suite Email and other IMAP/POP emails.


Dropsuite is a cloud-based software platform that enables businesses to easily backup, recover and protect their digital assets. A safe, secure and highly scalable product, it allows partners to automatically safeguard client emails, attachments, calendars, contacts and tasks in the cloud and restore any file on demand. This product supports the most popular cloud ecosystems such as Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, Teams), Microsoft Hosted Exchange (HEX), Open-Xchange, G Suite Gmail, and most IMAP/POP email servers.

Email Backup and Archive comes in 3 tiers:

Backup Basic
Dropsuite’s cloud-to-cloud data backup, management and recovery solution allows partners to backup data changes from client SaaS systems to AWS. It makes data backups readily available for export or restoration in just a few clicks. Per seat subscription is priced per GB stored.

Backup Plus
This tier includes all features in Backup Basic. Per seat subscription price includes unlimited storage and retention.

Backup Plus Archiving
This tier includes all of the cloud-to-cloud backup features found in Backup Plus that reseller partners need to set up and manage their clients, and also includes email archiving with journaling, a regulatory-compliant email preservation solution that is mandated in certain industries because of its tamper-free capabilities. This tier also includes actionable GDPR compliance features that allow users to classify, discover, review, take action and report on GDPR requests. Insights BI, an actionable email intelligence tool, is also included in this tier.


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