Helpdesk Cases represent support tickets or issues that are submitted in regard to a specific product or any other business/technical problem. Therefore, Cases provide an efficient and systemized communication model that allows Partners to quickly resolve various questions or requests on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Once a new Case is created, the system assigns the Pending status to this Case. If more information or details are required, assigned agents can inquire certain data from Case reporters. Therefore, the system assigns the Inquiring status to this Case. Partners can also transfer the case back to the Pending state if all required information is presented. Partners can also assign the Resolved status to their pending Case if necessary. Thus, this Case will be resolved and the system automatically assigns the Closed status to it (depending on your specified Autoclose Timeout setting within the Account module). Note that the system also allows closing resolved Cases manually or reopen resolved Cased and transfer them back to the Pending state.

Additional Information

Please refer to the Helpdesk module documenation for more information.

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