A listing request object represents a formal request to list a product on a specified marketplace. Listing requests contain product specifications, associated price lists, and included product offers. The system allows Vendors to generate listing requests of the following types: create (requests to list a new product), update (requests to update listing data), or delete (requests to delist a product from the marketplace). Consequently, all listing requests should be processed by Distributors/ Resellers.

Once a new listing request object is generated, the system assigns the Draft status to this object. Once Vendors submit their request to Distributor or Reseller systems, the request object is automatically assigned to the Reviewing state. Distributors or Resellers can start processing the request and transfer it to the Deploying state. In case the request processing is successful, Distributors/Resellers assign the Completed status to this request. Alternatively, Distributors/Resellers can reject request in case of an error and transfer it to the Cancelled state.

Additional Information

Please refer to the Listings Management Module documentation for more information.

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