Click on a subscription object identifier to access the Subscription Details screen. It is used to review general information on your selected subscription object, such as its associated product, marketplace, identifier, status, and available fulfillment request in progress.

The provided interface allows accessing additional details and insights via the following tabs:

  • Control Panel: Allows previewing your activation template and examining the current state of your subscription from the customer’s point of view. Specifically, this tab presents embedding templates that are provided for the required product. Vendors can configure templates for various business scenarios via the Embedding section of the product profile page.
  • Reservation: This tab displays reservation items that are associated with your selected subscription.
  • Pay as You Go: This tab displays pay-as-you-go items that are interconnected with your selected subscription.
  • Parameters: Access parameters that are associated with the required product.
  • Details: This tab specifies dates, associated contracts, a commerce system and a Distributor.
  • Tiers: This tab contains customer account and reseller account information.
  • Fulfillment: The fulfillment tab, as the name suggest, contains your fulfillment requests for this subscription.
  • Billing: Access billing requests that are associated with your selected subscription.

The Subscription Details interface can also be used for performing various operations with your subscription object that are introduced and described below:


Actions are used to reproduce various business scenarios, such as suspending, changing, cancelling, or adjusting a subscription. Therefore, these actions are especially helpful to preview the functionality of your system or in case it is required to manually update your subscription.

Click the Action button at the top-right corner of the Subscription Details screen to access the following options:

Subscription Actions

The subscription actions include the following operations with your selected subscription object:

  • Billing: Launches a wizard that allows creating a billing request for your subscription. These billing requests are stored within the Billing tab of the Subscriptions module.
  • Suspend: This option is used to create a request to suspend a subscription. Note that this action is not available by default.
  • Resume: This action is used to create a request to reactivate a suspended subscription. By default, this option is also not available unless the corresponding setting is enabled for your required product.

Resume and Suspend actions are disabled by default!

In case you want to enable the resume and suspend actions for your required product, make sure that the Administrative Hold option is switched on within the product settings.

Customer Actions

These actions allow reproducing the following customer actions:

  • Change: Create a request to switch items (SKUs) or change their quantity.
  • Cancel: Create a request to cancel your selected subscription.

Vendor Action

This action provides an operation that is available only for Vendors. Specifically, the Adjust operation enables Vendors to create an adjustment request. It is used to change fulfillment or ordering parameters and also change your Activation Template.

Control Panel Translations

The Control Panel tab displays your specified activation template and other specified templates that reflect the current state of your subscription. Therefore, in case your product features multiple localizations, the Control Panel tab can be used to preview and switch between provided translations.

Use the translation switch icon at the right-hand part of the screen to switch between available translations:

Note that the system allows creating additional translations for your products via the Product Localization. For more information on the localization features, refer to the Localization Management module documentation.

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