v24 Release Notes

Updated: November 30, 2021

    Release Date: November 30, 2021

    This release brings new and enhanced features, improved performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and a richer user experience on CloudBlue Connect.

    1. CloudBlue Connect Platform

    1.1 New Product Information Management (PIM) Capabilities

    Connect now supports full PIM capabilities. With the new PIM module, distributors will be able to configure various dimensions of their product information model by way of attributes, groups, classes, and categories. This will allow the distributors to collect the exact information they need from the vendors in order to propagate the channel product and services to their marketplace.

    Vendors that work with distributors that have set up their PIM in Connect will see additional specification sections within the product definition in the Product module. If vendors are working with multiple distributors that have set up their PIM model, vendors will see multiple sections – each one specific for each distributor.

    Read more about the PIM functionality here.

    1.2 New Private Catalog Functionality

    1.2.1 New Distributor Product Groups

    Distributors will now be able to create Product Groups that allows them to curate specific products that they want to expose to certain resellers. In the Products Module, distributors will see a new tab called Groups, where they can complete the product group creation process. Once a product group is created, distributors can attach agreements and issue contracts to specific resellers. Resellers that accept those specific contracts will only be shown the products that the distributors have set in that specific product group.

    1.2.2 Private Product Catalog

    With the new Product Groups feature, resellers within Connect will be able to see the Private Product Catalog that the distributor have curated for them. Previously, all of the distributor and CloudBlue products were shown. With the new Private Product Catalog feature, resellers will now see only the products that pertain to their business relationship with the distributor, simplifying operations and understanding.

    1.3 New Customizable Email Management

    Connect now supports customizable email templates for both distributors and vendors. This feature allows users of either portal to configure the email notifications that are sent to their customers and partners that come from their Connect account for specific actions – for example: subscription request update or inquiring customer information. Users can customize multiple aspects of the communication such as specific recipients, subject line, body content, and rules that the communication should follow. Recipients and template of Inquiring messages can also be customized on a per-marketplace basis. This will allow users to fully tailor their email communication sent from Connect to correspond with their company’s business need, branding, and content.

    Read more about Email Management functionality here.

    1.4 Additional Permissions Management Capabilities

    Connect now supports module permissions access on an API level to better suit their security needs. Users of the platform will now see an additional step called Permissions when creating a token in the Integrations module. From here, users can select all, multiple, or a specific module that the token will have access to when calling the Connect API endpoint. This will allow operators to better control their token management when working with Connect and the integrations that the account has set up.

    1.5 Extension-as-a-Service (EaaS) Improvements

    Extensions-as-a-Service functionality within the DevOps module now has new and improved functionality to help better support our users. The module now supports service schedulers to automate periodic tasks such usage collection and other repetitive actions. We have also included the ability to import and export environment variables as it relates to individual services.

    Additionally, EaaS within Connect now supports these event types:

    • Tier Account Requests
    • Listings
    • Usage

    1.6 New Broad Navigation Menu

    All users of Connect will notice a brand new Broad Navigation Menu in the persistent navigation bar on the Connect Platform. This new style will allow users to access any module and its sub-sections right in the menu itself. Additionally, users can pin their favorite or frequently accessed modules and sub-sections so that they can quickly navigate to these sections within Connect.

    1.7 Improved User Profile

    Users will now see an improved User Profile section to help better manage their user settings. In the new User Profile (accessed from the top right account dropdown menu), there are now four new tabs that handle various aspects of the user’s profile – including Security and Sessions tabs. Within these new settings, users can update their personal information, manage their active sessions across their different devices, delete their account, and other various user-specific actions. Users will also be informed here if they are removed from Connect’s email notification.

    1.8 Other Changes

    1.8.1 Support for Subscription Requests Delayed Activation

    Connect now support Subscription Requests Delayed Activation in the Product Capability model. This will allow vendors to support the use case where a specific request has been made but should not be fulfilled until a later time.

    1.8.2 Additional Notifications Support

    Users will now be notified via email for the following events:

    • A new comment has been made on the Helpdesk case they are involved in
    • A change in status for reports generated in the Reports module
    • A change in status for listings
    • Users added or removed from Account

    1.8.3 Marketplace Details Page

    Distributors and resellers can now view additional details about the marketplaces they have configured (distributors) or are a part of (resellers). The specific Marketplace Details page can be accessed by clicking on a specific marketplace in the Marketplaces module.

    1.8.4 Additional Info cards

    Info cards are now supported and shown in the Extensions-as-a-Service Tasks Queue.

    1.8.5 New SLA Report Templates

    Distributors will now be able to generate a more customized SLA report. In the reports section of the Account module, distributors will notice a new report called SLA Report for pending requests that allow them to generate reports within specific SLA (by day) parameters.

    2. CloudBlue Connect Extensions

    2.1 New Dell Boomi Extension

    CloudBlue Connect now supports Dell Boomi – see CloudBlue Connect Dell Boomi Extension for details

    2.2 Updated Mulesoft Extension

    CloudBlue Connect’s Mulesoft Extension has been enhanced with support for additional actions and is now certified by the Mulesoft Platform – see CloudBlue Connect Mulesoft Extension for details.

    2.3 Updated CloudBlue Commerce Extension

    Please see CB Commerce Extension v24 Release Notes for detailed information about CloudBlue Commerce Extension v24 release details.

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