Updated: October 14, 2020


The marketplace is object in the CloudBlue Connect that logically defines available go-to-market channels of a given Provider as schematically illustrated by the following diagram:

Marketplaces are used by Providers to express different logical concepts, like

  1. Regions – some Providers separate marketplaces by geographical regions, i.e. “United States”, “Canada”, “Germany” etc.
  2. Sizing – some providers separate marketplaces by size/scale of the target businesses, i.e. “Consumer”, “SOHO”, “SMB”, “Enterprise”, etc.
  3. Industries – some providers separate marketplaces b industries of the offered solutions, i.e. “Healthcare”, “Fin-tech”, “Energy”, etc.

Marketplaces are then linked by Providers with the systems that are used to execute their go-to-market strategies (Hubs):


  1. Each Hub might serve multiple Marketplaces
  2. Each Marketplace might be represented in multiple Hubs

Thus allowing Providers to express specifics of their business to be accessible to their Vendors in different related workflows of the CloudBlue Connect:

Where Marketplace is then used in the Distribution Agreement, Listing, Configuration Parameters and related objects.

Mapping Hubs to Marketplaces

While some systems support the logical concept of the Marketplace natively, others require additional mapping to be configured. This mapping is managed in the Marketplace object details as illustrated by the following screenshot:

Where a given Marketplace can be mapped to multiple Hubs and Tier Accounts managed by those Hubs:

Which allows CloudBlue Connect to detect Marketplace when a given asset is being created linked with a certain tier accounts hieararchy:

With large number of possible configurations supported by the system:

Marketplaces can be defined on the same or different levels of the tier accounts hierarchy.

Marketplace Detection Logic

Assets are created in the hierarchy of tier accounts as illustrated below:

Where Asset is associate with 3 tiers (Tier-0, Tier-1, and Tier-2) of Tier Accounts. In case Marketplace was not explicitly specified when creating an Asset, CloudBlue Connect uses the following logic to detect the Marketplace:

I.e. Marketplace associated with the lowest tier of a given hierarchy is associated with the Asset as illustrated with the following screenshot:

Where T1 Reseller was used to associate Marketplace with the Asset.

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