Updated: December 13, 2022


    The Integrations module enables Connect users to access and manage generated API Tokens, specified Webhooks and available Extensions. Therefore, developers can use this module for integration scenarios between the Connect platform and external systems to address fulfillment automation, customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and so on. The following describes provided sections within the Integrations module and outlines how this module can help Connect users with their integration procedures.


    This section provides an API endpoint of the CloudBlue Connect platform. Use this endpoint for integrations with external systems. Note that the API endpoint is used as the base URL for API client interactions with the platform. In general, the API requests provided within the Connect community page omit this prefix for brevity. For example, the Connect community page mentions a request to get a list of agreements as follows:

    GET /agreements/

    Therefore, the aforementioned request should look like this:



    This section enables Connect users to generate and manage their API Tokens. Use your created tokens to integrate the Connect platform into the Zapier and Flowgear platform. Furthermore, these tokens are used for your Connect reports creation and other custom integrations.

    Generated token instances contain required API Key/ Handle and provide additional information, such as update/creation date, ID, status, and description.


    Note that your API token does not expire until they are deleted. In addition, note that the system allows disabling or enabling your generated tokens and also assigning permissions for them.


    Access this section to define your Webhooks on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Webhooks represent flexible tools that replace periodical polls of certain expected events with configured actions automatically triggered by those events. Therefore, the Connect platform allows defining various webhook types. Refer to the Webhooks page for more details.


    Use this section to access extensions that are available for your CloudBlue Connect account. This menu make it is easier to deploy the turnkey business solutions with the ready to use integrations for various eCommerce, CRM, ERP and many other systems. For more information on provided extensions, refer to the Extensions Catalog.

    The Extensions menu can also be used to activate invites to install an extension. Refer to Extensions page for the step-by-step instructions on how to install extensions.

    More Information

    The following subchapters provide additional information and guidelines on how to generate an API Token and define your Webhook on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

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