v13 Release Notes

Updated: March 19, 2020

Release Date: November 22, 2018

Program Agreements and Contracts Module

  • Streamlined vendors invitation process with new Agreements management module
  • Providers are now able to publish Program Agreements and invite Vendors with a link 
  • Vendors invited with a link can register through the sign up wizard combined with the Contract acceptance

OA CCP Improvements when billing available in the customer control panel

  • Upsize/Downsize can be initiated from a service screen improving usability
  • Odin Automation CCP v2 Subscription Tile now represents  information regarding purchased licenses and other items
  • Purchasing multiple subscriptions with the same product are now also supported

Odin Automation Init Wizard Support

  • Ability to use Init Wizard of Odin Automation to simplify management of offers
  • Ability to use configuration cloning between OA instances

Improved Activation Templates Editor

  • Support for multiple activation templates
  • Redesigned editor experience with a more efficient vendor experience

Hubs Management Module

  • Multiple Hubs can now be managed using Hubs Management Module of the Provider Portal
  • Connections are now linked with hubs and can now be explicitly marked as Test or Production

Other stability and functionality improvements

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