This example demonstrates a script that will retrieve all requests in the status pending and process them based on their type (purchase, change, cancel, suspend or resume)


require_once "vendor/autoload.php";

class ProductRequests extends \Connect\FulfillmentAutomation
    public function processRequest($request)
        $this->logger->info("Processing Request: " . $request->id . " for asset: " . $request->asset->id);
        switch ($request->type) {
            case "purchase":
                //Get value of a parameter with id "email"
                $email = $request->asset->getParameterByID('email');
                if($email->value == ""){
                    throw new \Connect\Inquire(array(
                        $request->asset->params['email']->error("Email address has not been provided, please provide one")
                //Get value for a concrete item using MPN
                $itemX = $request->asset->getItemByMPN('itemX');
                foreach ($request->asset->items as $item) {
                    if ($item->quantity > 1000000) {
                        $this->logger->info("Is Not possible to purchase product " . $item->id . " more than 1000000 time, requested: " . $item->quantity);
                        throw new \Connect\Fail("Is Not possible to purchase product " . $item->id . " more than 1000000 time, requested: " . $item->quantity);
                    else {
                        //Do some provisioning operation
                        //Update the parameters to store data
                        $paramsUpdate[] = new \Connect\Param('ActivationKey', 'somevalue');
                        $request->requestProcessor->fulfillment->updateParameters($request, $paramsUpdate);
                        //Potential actions to be done with a request:
                        // Set a parameter that requires changes and move request to inquire
                            throw new \Connect\Inquire([
                                new \Connect\Param([
                                     "id" => "email",
                                     "value_error" => "Invalid email"
                        //Fail request
                        throw new \Connect\Fail("Request Can't be processed");
                        //Approve a template
                        //We may use a template defined on vendor portal as activation response, this will be what customer sees on panel
                        return new \Connect\ActivationTemplateResponse("TL-497-535-242");
                        // We may use arbitrary output to be returned as approval, this will be seen on customer panel. Please see that output must be in markup format
                        return new \Connect\ActivationTileResponse('\n# Welcome to Fallball!\n\nYes, you decided to have an account in our amazing service!\n\n');
                        // If we return empty, is approved with default message
            case "cancel":
                //Handle cancellation request
            case "change":
                //Handle change request
                //get added items:
                $newItems = $request->getNewItems();
                // get removed items:
                $removed = $request->getRemovedItems();
                // Get changed items, in other words the ones that quantity has been modified
                $changed = $request->getChangedItems();
                throw new \Connect\Fail("Operation not supported:".$request->type);

    public function processTierConfigRequest($tierConfigRequest){
        //This method allows processing Tier Requests, in same manner as simple requests.
        // Is required to be implemented since v15

//Main Code Block

try {
    //In case Config is not passed into constructor, configuration from config.json is used
    $requests = new ProductRequests(new \Connect\Config([
        'apiKey' => 'Key_Available_in_ui',
        'apiEndpoint' => '',
        'products' => 'CN-631-322-641' #Optional value
} catch (Exception $e) {
    print "Error processing requests:" . $e->getMessage();
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