Updated: March 16, 2021


Reports represent instances that have data exported from the CloudBlue Connect platform. Reports can be especially useful to extract required data and import it to external systems for further processing, such as billing or reconciliation operations.

Reports can be created via the Reports module on the Connect platform. Thus, a System report will be generated. Such reports contain predefined report parameters (specified via templates) and corresponding export data.

Additionally, it is possible to export any data from the platform via Custom Reports SDK. Therefore, a Custom report will be created. Custom reports contain any of your specified report parameters and consequently can provide any information for the export.

Once a report instance is created, the system starts to process your export operation. In case the report processing is successful, the system provides a report file and displays Ready in the report status. Thereafter, is is possible to download and delete your report file.

Follow the instructions below and learn how to generate, download or delete report files on the Connect platform.

Creating Reports

Navigate to the Reports module to access your reports.

Click the Create Report button to launch a report creation wizard.

Follow the wizard instructions to successfully create a report instance.

Select a template

Choose your template from the list. These templates represent predefined report formats that allow exporting data from one or multiple Connect modules.


Note that the wizard steps change depending on your selected template.

Click the Next button to continue.


The wizard displays different overviews depending on your selected template.

Review the provided description and click Next to continue.


The wizard provides different parameter steps for your selected report template. In general, it requires selecting report period, choosing a product, and specifying marketplaces or statuses. The following example showcases the Billing Request Report configuration.

Report period

Select a report period by clicking on the provided field.

Choose the start date from the calendar by clicking on it. Thereafter, specify the end date by clicking on the calendar once again.

Make sure that selected period is correct and click Next to continue.

Product list

Specify a product from the following product list.

In case you want to select all available products, check the All checkbox.


Select a marketplace from the following list.

If you want to select all available marketplaces, check the corresponding checkbox.


Specify the following report details:

  • Report name: Enter your report name in this field.
  • Report description: Provide a description for your report (optional)

Click Create to finalize your export request creation.


Once your report instance is created, the system provides a summary.

Review the summary and click Go to Details to access the Report details screen. Otherwise, click Close and return to the Reports module.

Report details

Click on the report name from the Reportsmodule to access the Report details screen.

The Report details screen contains your report instance data. Namely, provided Name, specified Description, selected Template, associated Dates, report Status, file Repository and report type (System or Custom).

Furthermore, you can use the Conversation field to leave a message for your account users or to examine the system messages.

Once the system will successfully process a report file, it will be available for download under Report file.

Click on the Parameters tab to access your specified parameters.

Note that provided parameters vary depending on the selected report template.

Report statuses

The following introduces, illustrates and describes all available report states on the Connect platform.

Pending: This state indicates that an export request is successfully submitted. Furthermore, this status indicates that the system starts generating a new report.

Deploying: This status indicates that a new report is being deployed on the Connect platform. From this particular state, the system decides if a report file is generated successfully. Thereafter, in case the report creation is successful, the system assigns the Ready status to this report. Otherwise, the report creation is failed and the system assigns the corresponding status to it.

Ready: This status is displayed in case the report creation process was successfully completed. Therefore, your report file is ready and it is available to download.

Failed: This state is displayed in case the report creation process is failed due to an error. Therefore, this report will not be available for download. Note that Failed status represents a terminal state, meaning no further actions with this report are required or available.

Downloading Report Files

Download your report file from the Report details screen.

Make sure that your report status displays “Ready”. Thereafter, click the Download button to successfully download your report file.


Note that the system generates report files in the XLSX format.

Deleting Reports

Locate a report that you want to delete within the Reports module. Click the vertical ellipsis () button next to your selected report. Thereafter, click the Delete button to delete your report.


Once your report is deleted, it cannot be restored.

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