Updated: October 14, 2020


Reports represents instances that have data exported from Vendor or Provider portals in the form of XLSX files. These export files can be very handy to extract data and imported into some external system for further processing like billing or reconciliations.

The main screen of the Reports module is illustrated below:

NOTE : Currently, only Asset requests are available for export using Reports module.

Creating a Report

Report instance creation process is a bit different from the other instances in Vendor or Provider portal.

STEP 1 – Define Report Data

As part of Report creation, you first need to go to Asset Requests page and put your filters to conclude your Asset Requests instance your want to export. You can also export all requests without providing any filter.

For example, in below screenshot, we have selected all Asset request belongs to ‘Germany’ marketplace with status ‘Pending’:

STEP 2 – Export Report Data

After defining your data to exported, you need to open the options menu on the right upper corner side of the page and then click on ‘Export’.

A popup will open up asking for the name of the Report instance. Enter the name and click on Export button.

The Report instance will be created and the details of the Report instance like ‘ID‘ will be shown on popup.

STEP 3 – Access Report Instance

Now, you can go to Reports module and look for your newly created Report instance. To find out your report you can use different available filters.

NOTE : Report generation might take time depending upon the resultant data.

Download Report File

Before you download your report, make sure the report status is in Ready status. Click on the download icon of the Report instance and download will be initiated.

Delete Report

You can also delete your report by simply click on the delete icon of the Report instance.

Report Instance Status

There are three status possible for a Report Instance which are described below:

  • Pending – The report instance is in status of generation of report file and file is still not available.
  • Ready – File generation for the Report is completed and ready to be downloaded.
  • Failed – Due to some problem, report file generation process is failed with an error.
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