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Updated: January 13, 2023

    Contact required support agents with just few steps!

    In case you have a question for your business partner or you need troubleshooting assistance from CloudBlue Connect, follow the instructions below to contact support:

    Get Support

    Open the Help menu from the navigation bar. Thereafter, click the Get support button to launch a new case creation wizard

    Follow the wizard steps to create a support ticket and address it to right agents.

    1. Partner

    Select your required partner from the provided list to reach out corresponding support agents. Therefore, you can select CloudBlue support to report your issue or a problem with the Connect platform.

    Note that you can also submit a request to your business partners. For example, Distributors or Resellers can create a new case for their Vendor partners to investigate why an order was not provisioned on time, while Vendors can submit a ticket for their Distributor partners to ask for more details about a specific listing requirement, and so on.

    Click Next to continue.

    2. Details

    Fill out the following case details form:

    • Subject: Enter your case subject (i.e., case name) in this field.
    • Priority: Select priority from the list (Low, Medium, High, or Urgent).
    • Type: Choose a Business or Technical issue type.
    • Description: Enter your case description in this field.
    • Product: Specify a product for your case (optional).
    • Attachments: Upload additional files, such as screenshots or logs (optional).
    • CC: Add “carbon copy” recipients (optional).

    Click Create to finalize your case creation.

    3. Summary

    As a result, your issue or request will be submitted to your selected partner. The system provides your case summary as the final step.

    Click Go to Details to access the Case details screen. Otherwise, click Close to close the summary.

    Access your created case by using the Helpdesk module on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Refer to the Helpdesk module documentation for more information on created cases.


    For support tickets that are submitted to CloudBlue Support, the Connect Support team aims to have an initial response within 1 business day of submitting the ticket. Partners providing support within CloudBlue Connect may have different support response times.

    Additional Help

    Note that the Connect Community page is available 24/7 to help self-serve the most common Connect issues and answers to frequently asked questions. The Getting Started tutorials will also help newcomers to understand the key concepts of CloudBlue Connect and examine the most common use case scenarios.

    In case instructions on how to change or reset your password for the Connect platform are required, refer to the following sub-article:

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