v12 Release Notes

Updated: March 19, 2020

Release Date: September 12, 2018

Suspend and Resume Requests Types added to the Fulfillment Management Module

  • Support for requests is optionally enabled in the Product Configuration and is off by default
  • Suspend Request is typically triggered in the event of the payment overdue. Asset cannot be used till Resume is received.
  • Resume Request is generated when asset is back to the “good state” and all issues that caused the Suspend request are resolved.

Action Links Support

  • It is now possible to define custom actions that will be rendered as buttons in the customer control panel
  • Both CCPv2 and CCPv1 are supported
  • Actions trigger redirect to the URL defined by the vendor with JWT token that contains asset information

PHP SDK for the Fulfillment Management Module

Support for hidden parameters

  • It is now possible to mark certain parameters as hidden to allow conditional information query
  • Such parameters are only visible in case of the inquiry and error message assigned to them by the Vendor

Support for the multiple activation templates

  • Multiple rich-text (markdown) activation templates can now be created for a given product
  • It is possible to specify activation template on request approval  (both UI and API)

Users can now can opt-out from the fulfillment module notification emails in the Profile settings

  • Controlled by the “Receive notifications on fulfillment requests” setting

Ability to use rich-text (markdown) in parameter error messages

  • It is now possible to set error message value in rich-text

Other stability and functionality improvements

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