Audit Trail

Updated: December 8, 2022

    About Audit Trail

    The Audit Trail functionality represents a security-relevant chronological record that provides auditors with a set of user activities and events within the Connect account. Specifically, the system enables to track your subscription status changes, product information updates, new post publications, and other activities throughout various Connect modules. The system displays actors, summary, and other technical details for each record. Furthermore, the Connect platform allows accessing security logs by downloading audit trail archives.

    The following describes the provided user interface and available operations within the Audit Trail section of the Settings module.


    The Directory tab includes a data grid that displays records with user activities and events. The system allows accessing insights and more detailed information on each record by using the View button:

    • Date: Provides time and date of your selected event.
    • Module: Showcases an associated module on the Connect platform.
    • Object: Allows accessing an object that is updated or changed.
    • Summary: Contains a short description of an activity or event.
    • Event ID: Represents an identifier for your selected record.
    • Actor: Displays an actor of your selected event or activity.
    • Tech Details: Provides various technical details, such as actor IP, browser, operating system, and more.

    In addition to technical information and insights, this screen displays occurred changes in your Connect account. For example, once marketplace property values (such as name, currency, or countries) are changed, the system provides old values and new modified property values for your marketplace.

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