Reservation Items

Updated: April 14, 2022

    The Items section of the product profile page provides the Reservation tab that is used to define reservation items. The following provides step-by-step instructions on how to define the items on the Connect platform.

    Define your items

    Click on the Edit icon next to a provided default item to edit this item. Alternatively, delete the default items and click the Create Item button to define a new item.

    The following steps in the appeared form help you to successfully configure your reservation items.

    1. General

    Specify the general properties:

    • Name: Enter your item name.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: Type your item MPN.
    • Description: Enter a short description of your item.
    • Parent Item: Select a parent item (optional).

    Click Next or click on the Type step to specify the type properties.

    2. Type

    Fill out the type form


    The type form allows specifying the following properties:
    Billing Period specifies the interval of time from the end of one billing statement date to the next billing statement date.
    Commitment period specifies whether a Vendor is committed to providing the service for a selected period and whether customers are committed to paying for the service during this period.
    Unit defines how service resources are accounted for, for example, per unit or per computer.

    • Billing period: Select a billing period from the list. The system allows selecting 1 month, 1-5 years, or perpetual options.
    • Commitment period: Select the commitment period from 1 to 5 years or exclude commitment by selecting the “no commitment” option.
    • Unit: Select an item unit type from the list. The system provides a variety of available item unit types to select, such as Licenses, Devices, Messages, Calls, Users, and more.

    Save your items

    Click Save or Create to complete your item definition.

    As a result, your defined item will be available on the Reservation items list.

    It is possible to review the provided item information by accessing the item details screen. Click the edit icon to update item name, MPN, or description.

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