Updated: May 12, 2021


The following describes general product attributes, such as a product name, category, id, or description. Furthermore, note that presented general attributes are versioned and localized.

General product attributes consist of the following:


This attribute represents a product name. The system prompts Vendors to select a name before creating a product object on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

Immutable ID

Immutable ID, as the name describes, is a product identification on the Connect platform. This ID is assigned by the system and it cannot be changed or edited for the entire life of the product object.


This attribute represents a product category. The system also prompts Vendors to specify a category before creating a product object on the Connect platform. Provided categories vary from AI and Machine Learning to Office Productivity and Sales.

Therefore, Vendors make sure that their product will always be listed in the right category of products. In case your product categorized correctly, this tremendously boosts up your product visibility. In other words, your customers will be able to find without any issues on specified marketplaces and consequently buy it.


The Logo attribute, as the name suggests, define your product logotype. It is recommended to use an image in the PNG format with transparent background.

Short Description

This attribute represents a brief description of your product. In general, it is used to describe a product’s value to Distributors and Resellers. Furthermore, this attribute may display main product features and problems the product solves.


This attribute contains a description that usually explains a product, its purpose and details around features. In addition, this section usually describes how customers can benefit from product and provides technical information and other important product details. Note that provided description should support the markdown text formatting.

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