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    It’s All About Connect

    CloudBlue Connect is the world’s most powerful ecosystem management distribution as a service (DaaS) platform with the support for both recurring (subscriptions) and one-time (physical & licensing) products. Connect provides a catalog and channel management solution that simplifies and unifies your indirect and direct channel operations as well as procurement, inventory management, order fulfillment, and more. Use Connect to boost efficiency, speed time to revenue and establish a scalable business quickly.

    Connect provides a spectrum of features for supercharging your business operations. It is important to first identify some of the high-level benefits for your organization.

    Robust Product Management System

    Accelerate product and service release cycle and drive your business directly to sales. The Connect platform provides robust functionality to automatically define your product information and specifications in multiple languages and brandings.

    Connect features a flexible offer bundling functionality and allows distributing products through multiple marketplaces and sales channels. Get ahead of competition by featuring any type of product or service, including:

    • Recurring: Cloud services, subscriptions, cloud-based security software, and so on.
    • On-demand: Physical goods, on-premises software licenses, etc.
    • Pay-as-you-go: Telecommunication metering, infrastructure-as-a–service consumption, utilities, and more.

    Discover new revenue and opportunities for your featured products. The Connect platform allows enhancing your sale chain and distributing your selected products or services through multiple resellers.

    Subscription and Fulfillment Excellence

    Optimize all your business operations and build a strong relationship with your partners and customers with subscription management automation. CloudBlue Connect skyrockets your order management capabilities and provides the functionality to grow your product purchases into recurring revenue. Get full control over orders, renewals, changes and adjustments in subscriptions, and other requests within all your sales channels from one place.

    The Connect platform also provides additional features to streamline your subscription and fulfillment management. Registering and managing information on your customers and resellers, consolidating usage data that is associated with a particular subscription, adopting service level management, just to name a few. Connect allows executing actions automatically at specific times every day, or on particular day of week or month. Note that fulfillment operations can also be automated with APIs, webhooks, or extensions.

    Expansion and Customization

    CloudBlue Connect is a highly expandable platform that can be customized to fit for your specific requirements across all business flows. A comprehensive list of integration options helps automating manual grunt work and eliminating manual errors from critical processes. Connect allows using any integration methods that is suitable for your organization:

    • Manual: Integration scenarios that include native capabilities of Connect Portals.
    • Extensions: Prebuilt software packages that integrate Connect with other systems.
    • SDK and Tools: Native bindings of REST API to various programming environments.
    • REST API: Set of functions to access features and data of Connect modules.

    Browse a list of more than 300 products, over 200 business partners, and quick integrations with other solutions and platforms by using Catalog Showroom page:

    See Extensions, Products and Business Partners Catalog

    Business Communication Made Simple

    Connect is a platform that enables efficient interactions between multiple business partners in a many-to-many environment. Meaning that direct, syndication, or any other contractual relationship with multiple business partners are covered by the platform and can be initiated with a click of a button.

    Connect enables to easily define, submit, and manage your agreements and also digitally sign specific contracts from your business partners by using a single interface. The versioned agreement management functionality is also increasingly helpful while creating, managing and accepting new versions of your contracts or agreements.

    Your organization can also greatly benefit of functionality that streamlines your customer care and support. Connect provides comprehensive helpdesk ticketing system that allows quickly and efficiently resolving your received queries and submit your requests to your business partners.

    On top of that, Connect provides a number of features that help get in touch with other organizations and individual associates. Use the platform to share news, insights, or updates to stay focused and productive.

    Where To Go Next?

    Connect Community provides various articles and sub-articles that showcase different scenarios and describe various features of the CloudBlue Connect platform. Use the left-hand menu navigation to locate required articles or use search to find a specific topic.

    In case you just started to learn about the Connect platform, it is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with the Getting Started article and its tutorials first.