Updated: July 14, 2021

Access the Notifications section to manage your notifications and review your notification details. The system allows you to to disable unwanted notifications and enable important ones. Furthermore, this section displays groups and your account users that should receive an email notification.

Notification Management

Click on the vertical ellipsis () icon to enable or disable selected notifications. Once your selected notification list is disabled, the system will not provide this notification to your customer, partners, or account users.


Certain notifications cannot be disabled since they can be essential for the Connect workflow. Therefore, it is impossible to disable user invitation emails, password reset notifications, and so on.

Notification Details

Click on a notification from the Templates list to access the Notification Details screen. In addition to the template name and the associated module, this screen provides status information of your selected notification. This screen is also used to edit groups and users that should receive this notification.

Manage your account Users and Groups that should receive the selected notifications by clicking the Edit button:

Once your configuration is successfully complete, click the Save button to save your adjustments.

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