Build and Publish Connect Extensions

Updated: December 21, 2022

    CloudBlue Connect tool provides the functionality to build your extension project to meet your required technical and business needs. Specifically, the Connect CLI tool can be used to quickly bootstrap a new extension and deploy required dependencies according to your provided configuration. In addition, the Connect EaaS Core library provides building blocks that are required to develop extensions. Once your extension is created and deployed, it can be installed by your invited organizations and published in the catalog so that it can be installed with just a click.

    The following showcases how to get started with the development process, introduces available extension and application types, and also describes the extension publication process.

    Build Your Extension

    The quickest way to start working with your extension is by using the CLI tool. Make sure to install the latest version of the CLI and ensure that your account is linked via your created API token. Note that it is required to generate a custom token with DevOps module permissions in order to successfully link your Connect account. Refer to the Extension Project documentation for more details on how to bootstrap a new extension project.

    Furthermore, you can use the EaaS Core library to develop your extension by using provided building blocks and its comprehensive documentation. This documentation provides step-by-step instructions on how create extensions different application types and also demonstrates how to test your extension. Use the following link to access the EaaS Core docs:

    Extension Types

    CloudBlue Connect supports three different types of extensions. Each type is implemented for a specific form of integration. The following list introduces and describes all available extension types:

    • Fulfillment Automation
      This type of extension is used by Vendors that want to automate the fulfillment request processing on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Fulfillment automation extension allows listening to events that are coming from the fulfillment queue on the platform and automating the provisioning of your provided service.
    • Hub Integration
      This type of extension enables Distributors and Resellers to integrate their commerce systems via a hub on the Connect platform. By using such extensions, Distributors and Resellers can transfer their business data between their commerce systems and CloudBlue Connect. Hub integrations are used to automatically create purchase orders within Connect that are triggered by your external system.
    • Multi-Account Installation
      The Multi-Account Installation extension type allows creating comprehensive applications to automate or streamline various operations. Such extensions react to events within the Connect platform and also extend abilities of the Connect API and provided graphical user interface. The multi-account extensions run in the scope of a single account on Connect. However, these extensions can also be installed and used by multiple Connect accounts.

    Application Types

    Depending on a type and capabilities of your extension, it may also include one or multiple applications. Your created applications can provide a set of different features depending on your selected application type. The following list describes application types that can be incorporated by your extension:

    • Events Application
      Events applications, as the name implies, are used to work with various events on the CloudBlue Connect platform and your external systems. Such applications respond to two types of events: status changes of any object on the Connect platform and trigger activations of your scheduled task. In addition, note that event applications are supported by all extension types.
    • Web Applications
      Web apps allow extending the functionality of Connect API by adding custom methods and custom endpoints. Such applications can also be used to establish new modules on Connect UI. Consequently, this allows users of your extension to access your defined features via extended API or via the provided graphical user interface. Note that web applications are supported only by Multi-Account and Hub Integration extensions.
    • Anvil Applications
      These applications enable linking the Connect platform with your web applications built via Anvil.Works. The functionality of such apps is not limited to a specific extension type. Therefore, your anvil application can represent your commerce system for hub integrations, a fulfillment automation system, or a multi-account extension.

    Extension Publication

    In case your multi-account extension is deployed, CloudBlue Connect allows your extension to be published within the Extensions Catalog.

    Use the provided user interface to describe your extension, provide technical specifications, and attach media for showing off your extension capabilities. Once all required information is provided, publish your extension with just a click of a button. Thus, the Connect team will start processing your publication request and reach out to your specified email address.

    For more information on how to publish your extension, how to generate private invites for your extension and how to manage each installation, refer to the Multi-Account Extensions documentation.

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