Program Agreements

Updated: June 24, 2022


    Distributors create Program Agreements to define terms and conditions that Vendors accept to access the CloudBlue Connect platform. A program agreement represents a versioned template for Program Contract that is enables Vendors to activate the Vendor Portal on the Connect platform. Furthermore, a program agreement is required to generate a Distribution Agreement.

    A program agreement usually outlines general terms and conditions to access the Vendor Portal. The content of your program agreement may include, but not limited to the following sections:

    • Definitions and roles for this agreement. First of all, the program agreement usually outlines roles for Vendor and Distributor parties and defines provided terminology within this document.
    • Obligations and expectations from both parties. The program agreement usually specifies obligations and expectations from Vendor and Distributor side. Furthermore, this document mentions that signee agrees to the provided terms and conditions.
    • Terms of service. Generally, the program agreement describes provided services and specifies required conditions to access them, such as the registration on the provided platform.
    • Ownership and restrictions. The program agreement outlines ownership and grant of use rights. Furthermore, this agreement also describes responsibilities on use of the service, customer restrictions, and so on.
    • Confidentiality. Next, the program agreement should specify confidential information and provide confidentiality obligations. Furthermore, this agreement may provide exceptions for confidentiality obligations, such as not applying outlined obligations for publicly available information and more.
    • Support. Program agreements can also describe technical support conditions. For instance, what kind of services are included and what services are not in the scope of technical support.
    • Content and marks. The program agreement outlines content that Vendor can submit to Distributor. Therefore, this agreement ensures that submitted content does not contain any defamatory or obscene materials and it is compliant with copyright laws.
    • Termination. Program agreements usually specify termination and ceasing operation terms. For example, refund policy, penalties and so on.
    • Privacy. It is necessary to provide privacy statement, outline data privacy, and define personal data within the program agreement.
    • Additional terms. Program agreements may outline force majeures, warranty terms, third-party policies, limitation of liability clauses, and more.

    Vendor accounts shouldn’t be orphaned

    Each Vendor account require an activated program contract that is based on a created program agreement. Therefore, Vendors cannot operate or collaborate with Distributors unless at least one program agreement is created on the CloudBlue Connect platform.

    The diagram below illustrates program agreement objects from the Distributor and Vendor perspectives.

    Note that Distributors can create a generic program agreement to sign multiple program contracts with several Vendors. Alternatively, Distributors are able to create an individual agreement for each contract and each Vendor if necessary.

    Distributor Portal

    Creating Program Agreements

    Before creating a program contract and inviting a Vendor to the Vendor Portal, the Distributor need to create a program agreement. Distributors can create as many agreements as required. Create a generic program agreement for all of your Vendors or create standalone agreements for each Vendor.

    Proceed to the Partners module and navigate to the Agreements tab.

    Follow the instructions below to successfully generate a program agreement from the Agreements tab.


    Program agreements can also be generated during your Partner account creation via the Directory tab from the Partners module. Refer to the Partners module documentation for more details.

    1. Start creating a new agreement

    Click the Create Agreement button to start creating a new agreement.

    2. Specify agreement attributes

    Fill out the following agreement form:

    • Type: Select the Program agreement type.
    • Name: Enter a name for your agreement.
    • Description: Provide a description for your agreement.
    • Document source: Select External Document to provide a link to your agreement document or choose Uploaded File to upload a document file (in the PDF format). Otherwise, select None to show your Partner only the text from the description field.
    • Activate version: Activate your agreement version by checking this checkbox. In case this checkbox is left unchecked, your agreement version can be specified and activated from the agreement details screen.

    Click the Create button to finalize your agreement creation.

    Therefore, your generated agreement will be displayed on the list within the Agreements tab. Note that you can review your created agreement details by clicking on the agreement name.

    Updating Program Agreements

    Distributors can revise their program agreements, which generally concerns changes in the agreement document file. It is possible to create a new version for your generated program agreement on the Connect platform. Thereafter, Vendors that previously accepted your program agreement are notified about this new version. Thus, your Vendors can accept these changes and activate this version of your program agreement.

    Access the program agreement versions by clicking on your program agreement name from the Agreements tab. Here, you can examine and manage your agreement versions via the History tab.

    Follow the steps below to create a new version of your program agreement.

    1. Add an agreement version

    Click the Add Version button from the History tab of your program agreement details screen.

    2. Specify new attributes

    Fill out the following agreement version form:

    • Document source: Select External Document to provide a link to your agreement document or choose Uploaded File to upload a document file (in the PDF format). Otherwise, select None to show your Partner only the text from the description field.
    • Activate version: Activate your agreement version by checking this checkbox.

    Click the Add button to finalize your version creation.

    Therefore, your created version will be displayed under History. Note if the Activate version checkbox is checked, your agreement version is activated automatically. In case this checkbox is left unchecked and it is required to activate your new version, select your version from the corresponding list, open the additional menu () and click Activate.

    By activating a new version, the system notifies Vendors that signed contracts associated with this agreement about this new version. These Vendors can sign your updated agreement as described in Accepting Agreement Updates.

    Vendor Portal


    Access the Agreements tab from the Partners module from the to examine your activated program agreement.

    Use this section to view your program agreement ID and Distributor’s ID. Furthermore, this section allows to locate associated program contract and its ID. Note that the Agreements tab also provides your distribution agreement information. Refer to the Distribution Agreement documentation to learn how Vendors can enroll a distribution agreement and consequently enroll a distribution contract.

    In case a new version for your program agreement is available, the system marks your agreement with the corresponding tag.

    Click on your program agreement name to access program agreement document and review your activated version. In case an updated version of your program agreement is available, activate this new version by following instructions below.

    Accepting Agreement Updates

    Once a Vendor receives a notification about a new program agreement version, this Vendor can sign and activate the updated program agreement. Follow the steps below to successfully update your program agreement.

    1. Access program agreement details

    Click on your program agreement name from the Agreements tab to access the program agreement details.

    Make sure that your program agreement is marked with the New version available tag.

    2. Locate your updated agreement

    Locate a new version of your program agreement and click the Sign button.

    3. Sign the new version

    Review the provided document and check the I have read and accepted the agreement checkbox.

    Click Sign to sign and activate your updated agreement.

    Therefore, the system will mark your new activated agreement with the Active tag.

    Note that your Program Contract will be also associated with your new agreement version.

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