Program Agreements

Updated: June 2, 2020

Providers create program agreements (templates of future contracts) to define terms and conditions that vendors accept to access the Vendor Portal.

Data Model

This document considers program agreement objects from provider and vendor perspectives.

A provider can create a program agreement to sign contracts with several vendors or an individual agreement for each vendor.

Provider Portal

Creating Program Agreements

Before inviting a vendor to the Vendor Portal, the provider must first create a program agreement. Agreements can be generic to enroll several vendors or specific for a particular vendor.

To create a program agreement, the provider must perform the following operations in the Agreements module.

1. Start creating an agreement

Click the “Create agreement” button at in the top-right corner of the main page:

2. Set agreement attributes

In the pop-up window, set the required properties:

  • The agreement type must be Program.
  • Name: a descriptive agreement name used to visually identify the agreement.
  • Description: a synopsis of the agreement.
  • Document source: either an uploaded file or a link to the agreement document that vendors must review before enrolling in this agreement.
  • Activate version: check this box to be able to manage the agreement versions.


NOTE: A provider can create as many program agreements as needed.

Now, the provider can use the created agreement to sign contracts with vendors as described in Enrolling to a Program Agreement.

Updating Program Agreements

Providers can revise their program agreements, which usually concerns changes in the agreement contents. This is possible by creating a new version of the agreement. After that, all vendors that have previously accepted the program agreement are notified of the new version. These vendors can agree with the updated version and this way change their agreement with the provider.

To create a new program agreement version, follow these steps.

1. Create New Version

On the main page, select the agreement to be modified. Then on the screen with the agreement details, find the “Add Version” button below the History section and click it:

2. Set New Version Attributes

In the pop-up window, specify a new or updated source of the agreement, check the Activate version box, and click Add:

The new agreement version is active and it will be used for signing new contracts.

The vendors who have signed contracts associated with this agreement will notice a notification about the new agreement version. They can sign the updated agreement as described in Accepting Agreement Updates.

Vendor Portal


In the Agreements main page, a vendor finds all program agreements with providers and can do the following operations:

  1. Upgrade an existing program contract to the newest version of the respective agreement as described in Accepting the Newest Agreement Version.
  2. Use a program agreement to find a list of distribution agreements within this program agreement and enroll in a selected distribution agreement by clicking the Enroll button. This starts signing a new distribution contract as described in
  3. Upgrade an existing distribution contract to the newest version of the corresponding distribution agreement by clicking the Sign button.

Accepting Agreement Updates

To accept a new version of a program agreement updated by the provider, the vendor performs the following steps.

1. Notice the updated agreement

Notice an updated agreement by the “New version available” tag near its name:

2. Get familiar with the updated agreement

Open the agreement details by clicking the agreement name. To get familiar with the contents of the new agreement version, click the link to that version:

3. Accept the updated agreement

To accept the new version, click Sign:

In the pop-up window, read the new document, check the accept box, and then click Sign.

Notice that now the new agreement version is tagged as active.

In the Contracts module, the vendor will find the respective contract associated with the new agreement version.

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