Updated: August 16, 2023

    Agreements are legally binding documents that represent versioned templates for Contracts. Agreements are created by Distributors to define expectations, duties, and terms of collaboration with other accounts on the CloudBlue Connect platform (i.e., Vendors or Resellers). 

    Therefore, Distributors are required to generate an agreement before creating contracts on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Distributors can collaborate with one or multiple business partners and consequently create one or multiple contracts based on the defined agreement.

    Video Tutorial

    Go through the following short tutorial to understand concepts of using agreements and contracts:


    Agreements and Contracts from the Partners module represent interconnected objects. Namely, every contract is based on a certain agreement. Distributors create agreements as templates that used to sign contracts with other accounts, either Vendors or Resellers:

    In the above diagram, Distributor creates Agreement X to sign contracts with Vendors A, B, and C. On the other hand, the same Distributor creates Agreement Y to sign contracts with Reseller A and B.

    Data Model

    The Agreements tab from the Partners module enables Distributors and Vendors to manage and to use the following types of business objects:

    • Program Agreement: Defines terms and conditions of business collaborations between Distributors and Vendors on the Connect platform. These agreements are also used by Distributors to create Distribution Agreements.
    • Distribution Agreement: This type of document exists only in the scope of a specific Program Agreement. This agreement defines detailed terms on distributing Vendor products via a specific Distributor’s marketplace.
    • Service Agreement: Defines terms for syndication scenarios and referral programs. Namely, this agreement enables to invite Resellers to Connect. In addition, it allows establishing a Product Catalog that is used to present products to your business partners.
    • Sourcing Agreement: Represents a collective term for syndication and referral agreements. The system requires specifying your sourcing agreement to add a product to your Catalog.
      • Syndication Agreement: Establishes terms of business collaboration between Distributors and Resellers. Consequently, this allows arranging sale chains via marketplaces of Resellers.
      • Referral Agreement (or Direct Agreement): Allows organizations to establish direct business collaboration with Vendors by using the Product Catalog. Therefore, this allows such organizations distributing selected products via their own marketplaces.

    Distributor Portal

    The Agreements tab of the Partners module displays a list of various types of agreements created by Distributors.

    This tab allows creating agreements by clicking the corresponding button. Furthermore, the Agreements tab contain the following general agreement information:

    • Agreement: Name and ID of your agreement. Click on your agreement name to access its details screen.
    • Type: Indicates agreement types. Note that your created Distribution agreements are placed within the Program agreements.
    • Description: Brief description of your agreement.
    • Contracts: Indicates the number of contracts that are interconnected with an agreement.

    Narrow down a list of contracts by using the search and filter options as described in Data Grids.

    Vendor Portal

    Vendors can use the Agreements tab of the Partners module to review and to sign updated program agreements. In addition, Vendors can access and enroll distribution agreements within each program agreement.

    Refer to the Distribution Agreement documentation to learn how Vendors can enroll a distribution agreement and consequently enroll distribution contract. Refer to the Program Agreement documentation to learn more about signing and activating updated program agreements.

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