Updated: February 15, 2021

An Agreement is a versioned template created by a provider to sign contracts with other accounts (vendors or providers). 

Video Tutorial

Go through the following short tutorial to understand concepts of using agreements and contracts:


The Agreements and Contracts modules are interconnected. Namely, every contract is based on a certain agreement. Providers create agreements as templates used to sign contracts with other accounts, either vendors or other providers:

In the above diagram, Provider A creates Agreement X to sign contracts with Vendors A, B, and C. On the other hand, the same Provider A creates Agreement Y to sign contracts with Providers B and C.

Data Model

The Agreements module enables providers and vendors to manage and use the following types of business objects:

  • Program Agreement: created by a provider to sign program contracts with vendors. The provider can use it in private and referral modes. Within a Program Agreement, the provider creates Distribution Agreements.
  • Distribution Agreement: exists only in the scope of a certain Program Agreement and sets detailed terms on reselling vendor products through a particular marketplace of the provider.
  • Service Agreement: used by a provider to sign contracts with other providers and this way invite other providers to Connect.
  • Syndication Agreement: used by a provider to sign syndication contracts with other providers and this way to arrange sale chains through those partners.

Provider Portal

The Agreements module from the Provider Portal displays a list of various types of agreements created by Providers:

From this list, Providers receive the following general agreement information:

  • Agreement: Name and reference to the agreement.
  • Type: One of the agreement types as per Data Model, except for distribution agreement that you can find in a program agreement.
  • Description: Brief description of the agreement.
  • Status: The current state of the contract according to the workflow of the particular agreement type.

To narrow down a list of contracts, providers can use search and filter patterns as described in Data Grids.

Vendor Portal

On the Agreements module, a Vendor can find all signed program agreements and distribution agreements within every program agreement.

From this page, Vendors can run various operations as described in this document.

What is Next

The following documents describe various agreement types in more detail.

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