Connect Python OpenAPI Client is the simple, concise, powerful and REPL-friendly CloudBlue Connect API client.

It has been designed following the fluent interface design pattern.

Due to its REPL-friendly nature, using the CloudBlue Connect OpenAPI specifications it allows developers to learn and play with the CloudBlue Connect API using a python REPL like jupyter or ipython.


Connect Python OpenAPI Client requires python 3.6 or later and has the following dependencies:

  • connect-markdown-renderer>=1,<2
  • pyyaml>=5,<6
  • requests>=2,<3

Connect Python OpenAPI Client can be installed from using pip:

$ pip install connect-openapi-client


Complete documentation of the Connect Python OpenAPI Client documentation is hosted on the Read the Docs service.

Source Code

Connect Python OpenAPI Client is licensed under Apache 2.0 License v2.0 and the source code is available at our github here. We encourage you to collaborate in this project submitting your PRs.

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