v11 Release Notes

Updated: March 19, 2020

    Release Date: July 20, 2018

    Fulfillment Management Module API

    • Ability to automate requests processing
    • API Management Module was introduced with the technical information required to facilitate API usage (URLs, Keys)
    • Please see Fulfillment Management Module for more details 

    Provider invitation codes added

    • Existing invitation URLs functionality has been replaced with the invitation codes

    Dropdown parameter type has been added

    • Parameters management experience (Product > Model > Parameters) has been reworked to support new type
    • New type allows creation of multiple predefined choices that customer will be asked to specify
    • New type support added into all scenarios: order capturing, fulfillment

    Support for the 3-tiered Resellers hierarchy has been added

    • Information of up to 3-tiers of Resellers can now be displayed in the request details screen
    • Note that information is only visible in case the “Show reseller information” is turned on for the product

    Other Improvements

    • Account module now only displays information about the currently selected account (in case user is a part of multiple accounts)
    • Accounts  selector (dropdown in the top right corner) was reworked to simplify its usage
    • Other stability and functionality improvements
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