Updated: October 21, 2021

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    Product listings and related requests are object types in the CloudBlue Connect representing Products that are listed for sale in a marketplace. Listings implement part of the Product Flow between Vendors and Distributors/Resellers as schematically illustrated in the following diagram:

    The Listings Management module allows Vendors to list their products to one or multiple marketplaces. Distributors and Resellers are using the Listing module to propagate information from the Product to their systems as schematically illustrated below:

    Depending on the capabilities of Distributor or Reseller systems, information on the product can be propagated manually, via APIs, and by using available Extensions.

    Module Workflow

    Once Vendors decide to list their product to their selected marketplace, the system generates a Listing object that includes the defined product, selected distributor, marketplace, specified price list and offer. Note that the system can also prompts Vendors to fill out specific forms before generating a new listing object. Such forms are created by Distributors or Resellers and they help collect required information for their systems. Refer to the Forms documentation for more details.

    Listing objects are managed via Listing Requests. Namely, these requests are used to list the specified product to the required marketplace, update the listing information, or remove the product from this marketplace. Therefore, Vendors generate a listing request in case it is required to create, update or delete listings. Distributors or Resellers can approve listing request or reject them if necessary.

    The following diagram schematically illustrates the Listing Management module workflow:

    The system includes individual workflows for Listing and Listing Request objects. In case more information on the provided workflows is required, please refer to the State Machine subarticle.

    Next Steps

    Access the following articles to learn more about the Listing Management module, provided API and available operations within the graphical user interface:

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