Program Contracts

Updated: June 2, 2020

Providers and vendors sign their program contracts to set business partnerships through Connect.

State Flow

A program contract between a provider and vendor changes its state as follows:

and it contains a simple workflow diagram.
  1. Pending: the provider created a contract for a vendor.
  2. Active: the vendor accepted the contract.
  3. Terminated: the provider terminated the contract.
  4. Rejected: the vendor rejected the contract proposed by the provider.

NOTE: The provider can delete a pending contract. This deletes the contract from the platform in contrast with a terminated contract that the platform stores in its database.

Provider Portal

Providers can create program contracts and depending on their status either terminate or delete them.

Creating Program Contracts

To create a contract, a provider performs the operations described in the following steps.

1. Start creating a contract

In the Contracts main page, click Create Contract on the top-right corner.

2. Configure the contract

In the pop-up screen, configure the new contract:

  • Agreement: select the proper agreement from the drop-down list.
  • Activation message: enter the contract short description.
  • (Optional) Internal Note: enter an internal note that will be displayed in the list of contracts.
  • Kind: mark the contract as Test if you create it for testing.

3. Finish the contract creation

Click Create. In the Contract Details screen, notice the newly generated URL to be used for inviting a vendor to sign the contract.

Copy the URL to your internal buffer if you want to use it immediately and return to the main page.

On the main page, find the new contract on the list with other contracts. Its state is Pending. To invite a vendor to sign the created contract, use the Inviting to a Program Contract operation in this document.

Operating a Program Contract

To view details of an existing contract, the provider must find it on the main page and follow the corresponding link. Depending on the contract type and its state, a service provider can do the following:

  • Navigate to the associated agreement
  • Edit the internal note
  • Review the program agreement versions and identify which one is signed
  • Terminate the active program contract
  • Delete the pending program contract

Inviting to a Program Contract

After creating a pending contract for a vendor, the provider sends that vendor an invitation for signing the contract. For this purpose, the provider must open the pending program contract, copy the activation link, and then send it to the partner:

The vendor operates the received activation link as described in Signing a Program Contract.

Vendor Portal

A vendor can have several program contracts signed with different providers. The first signed program contract enables the vendor to use the Vendor Portal.

Signing a Program Contract

This section considers enrollment of a new vendor to Connect by signing a program contract initiated by a provider. After receiving an invitation for a contract from a provider, the vendor goes through the following steps to sign the contract.

1. Get familiar with the contract

Address the browser to the received contract activation link to get more details about the contract. On the Contract activation screen, enter your Email address and then read and accept the program agreement:

Click Next.

2. Configure the user properties

On the Create User screen, enter the user name and password:

Click Next.

3. Configure the company properties

On the Create account screen, enter the company name:

Click Next.

4. Activate the contract

This is the final step:

Click Activate.

NOTE: This process is slightly different for a vendor that is already registered in Connect.

Upgrading Contracts

If a provider updates a program agreement associated with a vendor’s contract, the vendor can accept the new version using the Agreements module as described in Accepting Agreement Updates. After that, in the Contracts module, the vendor will notice that the respective contract is bound to the new agreement version.

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