Updated: September 15, 2022


    The Offers Management module allows establishing and configuring offers, plans, features and groups of features. First of all, it is crucial to understand the difference between the aforementioned terms.

    Plans and Offers

    Offer is a high-level entity that acts as a logical grouping of one or multiple plans. For instance, offers may represent bundled service packages for individuals, businesses, and so on.
    Plans represent service levels that provide different item quantity, product features, or billing periods. Moreover, different plans usually specify different prices, for example, a basic plan costs less and includes less features, while an enterprise plan costs more and provides more features.

    The illustration below provides Microsoft 365 product page as an example that helps distinguish Offers and Plans. Furthermore, the following illustration showcases Features and Groups concepts.

    Features and Groups

    Therefore, Features represent specific pieces of product functionality, while a Group act as a particular set or class of these features.

    Next, it is important to outline how offers can benefit Vendors and Distributors.

    For Vendors: Offers provide a systematic way to store necessary information on the provided services. Namely, offers allows Vendors to visualize, group and systemize product features as well as specified SKUs (items) on the Connect platform. Thus, Distributors, Resellers and Customers can get clear understanding of Vendor’s products, which in turn leads to bigger sales.

    For Distributors: Offers contain systemized product data that can help Distributors properly present and successfully sell this product. Each specified offer, each plan, and each group of features enable Distributors to identify their target audience and determine their target market. For example, with an offer meant for businesses, Distributors will not target entrepreneurs or individual users.

    The following explains offer management concept on the Connect platform and provides guidelines on how to create an offer, specify associated features and listing, link your offers and listings, create plans, and perform other operations from the Offers module.

    Offer management on Connect

    Offers management is available for Vendors in case at least one Product is defined on the Connect platform.

    Offers are compatible with Price Lists and they both available for the Listing creation process. Namely, Vendors can define Price lists and Offers to enroll their product on a specific marketplace.

    The following diagram illustrates offers interconnections on the platform:

    More Information

    Learn more about the Offers module, its API, user interface and available operations on the CloudBlue Connect platform:

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