Provider and Vendor Portals

Updated: February 5, 2021

There are two primary Portal types that are implemented by Connect:

  1. Provider Portals – used by Providers to onboard their Vendors, list Products from their Vendors, and integrate into various ordering and billing systems.
  2. Vendor Portal – used by Vendors to on-board their Product, get connected to the Marketplaces of Providers, and integrate into various provisioning and fulfillment systems.

Portals are implemented using the same UI/UX framework and support end-to-end branding of its contents like color schema, domain names, logos, etc. See connect portals branding overview.

Portal layout consists of three primary areas:

  1. Main work area: this is where most of the work is being done and the actual layout depends on the navigation context.
  2. Main navigation menu: this is where users can switch between different modules available to them within the portal.
  3. User profile and account selector: a navigation element that allows you to access user profile and account context selection elements.

Main navigation menu

Main navigation menu allows users to quickly switch between different modules within the portal:

The actual layout and amount of modules depends on user permissions.

User profile and account selector

This navigation element allows users to access their Profile information and switch between multiple accounts in case they belong to more than one:

Note that it is also possible that a user does not belong to any accounts at all – such a user has limited access to various modules, but still has access to their profile.

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