Updated: May 18, 2021


The Localization section within the product profile page enables Vendors to provide a translation for the product ordering process. Specified localizations are used when presenting a product on an international marketplace and on the Commerce platform. The localization file also includes text forms for automated messages and notifications related to product ordering operations.

Use the following guidelines to acquire a translation template and upload your localization file.

1. Add a supported localization

Click on the Add Localization field from the Localization section to select a language.


Enter a language name, its code or region to narrow down the list.

Click on your selected language from the list.

As a result, the system will display your created locale on a list.

2. Download a template file

Click on the download icon next to your specified locale to acquire a localization template file.

3. Provide required translations


Connect provides localization template files in the PO format. Use PO file editors (such as poedit.net) to open and edit these files.

Provide required translations via a PO file editor. Save your translated file in the PO format.

4. Upload your localization file

Click the Upload button to upload your file with provided translations.

Once a localization file is successfully uploaded, the system displays the following locale update message.

Thus, your product ordering process via international marketplaces and the CloudBlue Commerce platform will support your specified localization. In case your localization requires an update, click the Upload button and upload your updated localization file.

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