Product Localization

Updated: November 30, 2022


    The Localization section of your product profile page is used to generate and manage translations for your selected product. Thus, Vendors can provide translations for the product data, allow their business partners to create additional translations, and consequently reach a wider audience. Distributor and Resellers can also create translations and select an active translation that will be used to display required information on commerce or other external systems.

    Note that Localization section requires you to specify the primary translation for a product defined on the Connect platform. The primary translation represents your generated translation object that is used to define your product specifications and other product data within the Connect portals and distribution systems.

    Use the Localization section to assign primary translations, activating translation objects, adding new translations, comparing translations and perform other operations. In case more information on the localization functionality is required, refer to the Localization module documentation.

    Adding Translations

    Access your product profile page and proceed to the the Localization section to add a new translation object. Click the Add Translation button to launch a translation creation wizard.

    Follow the wizard instructions to successfully generate your required translation:

    • Language: Use this field to specify your required language.
    • Description: Provide the description for your translation object on Connect (optional).
    • Translate contents automatically: Check this checkbox to translate product attributes automatically from your specified primary language.

    Click the Add button to generate your translation object. The system also automatically translates required product attributes in case the corresponding option is selected. Otherwise, it is necessary to provide translation values manually.

    Translations Management

    Once the system successfully generates your required translations, use the provided user interface to manage your translation objects.

    Primary and Active Translations

    Note that primary translations and active translations provide different functionality within the system:

    Primary translations typically represent original product details that are defined by the Vendors. The system allows reassigning the primary translation in case it is necessary for your business scenario. Your primary translation will also be used to generate additional translations.

    Active translations represent your assigned objects that present specified product details to commerce systems and other external platforms. Connect allows selecting only one active translation per a language. Inactive translations cannot be used by your business partners.

    Click on the vertical ellipsis () icon to open an object menu. Thereafter, select one of the following options:

    • Compare with: This option allows comparing your translation objects to identify and eliminate translation errors.
    • Clone: Enables you to duplicate your translation objects.
    • Activate: Use this option to activate your translation objects.
    • Make Primary: Reassign your primary translation by choosing this option.
    • Delete: Remove your translation by selecting this option. The system doesn’t allow deleting your primary translation. Thus, it is required to reassign your primary translation first.

    Your generated translation objects are also available for managing within the standalone Localization module on the Connect platform.

    Previewing Translations

    Once multiple translations are specified for your product, the system allows switching between translations to preview your provided general product attributes, embedding templates, item information, and other localizable attributes in multiple languages.

    Access any section of the product profile page that allows reviewing localizable attributes (i.e., general product attributes). Use the translation icon at the top-right corner of the screen to switch between your translations:

    Note that localizable attributes might have different description, embedding templates, or item information as different translations. Consequently, the localization functionality allows establishing multiple brands for various regions and preview them via the Connect interface.

    In addition, the system enables to use the similar icon and switch translations in the Control Panel tab from the subscription details interface. Therefore, it is also possible to preview template translations from the end-customer’s point of view:

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