Class BillingRequestResource

Updated: March 10, 2021

    BillingRequestResource ⇐ GenericResource

    The BillingRequestResource class provides methods to access the billing
    requests endpoint of the Cloud Blue Connect API.

    Kind: global class
    Extends: GenericResource
    Category: Resources

    new BillingRequestResource(client)

    Creates a new instance of the BillingRequestResource class.

    Returns: BillingRequestResource – An instance of the BillingRequestResource class.

    Param Type Description
    client ConnectClient An instance of the ConnectClient class.

    billingRequestResource.updateAttributes(id, attributes) ⇒ object

    Update billing request attributs.

    Kind: instance method of BillingRequestResource
    Returns: object – The updated attributes object.

    Param Type Description
    id string The unique identified of the BillingRequest.
    attributes object An object containing the attributes to update.
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