Product Listing Processing

Updated: March 23, 2023


    The product listings processing is a part of the Product Flow on the CloudBlue Connect platform. Namely, Vendors define their product and submit a listing request to Distributors. Therefore, Vendors submit a request to publish product on a specified marketplace. Distributors deploy specified product to their marketplace by accepting this request and once done, mark provided listing as completed on Connect. The system also helps Distributors keep track of listed products and completed requests.

    The following instructions describe how Distributors can access a provided listing request and how to process the listing on the Connect platform. Note that in case of an error, Distributors can also cancel the request and ask Vendors to submit another listing request.


    Make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

    Vendor actions are required!

    Note that Vendors should have an account on the Connect platform. Furthermore, Vendors are required to define their product before submitting a listing request.

    Product Publication

    Follow the steps below to find and successfully process a submitted product listing request on the Connect platform.

    1. Locate Product Listing Request

    Navigate to the Listings module and proceed to the Requests tab to access your required listing request.

    In this scenario, Mighty Mick’s LLC locates a listing request in the Reviewing state. Thereafter, this Distributor clicks on the request id to access the request details screen.

    2. Start the Product Deployment

    Review provided request details and click the Mark as Deploying button in case all provided information is correct.


    The deployment process varies depending on your commerce system. In general, this process involves publishing the required product information on the marketplace and defining the commercial terms. In some cases, Distributors run a few test requests before making the product available for sale.

    Mighty Mick’s LLC starts to deploy a tutorial product within the external system and consequently marks this listing request as Deploying.

    3. Complete the Operation

    Once the product deployment operation is complete, click the Mark as Completed button.

    Therefore, Mighty Mick’s LLC finalizes the product publication procedures and marks the listing request as Completed.

    Your Next Step

    Once Distributors deploy a product within their system and successfully process a required listing request, the Product Flow will be completed. Access Subscription Operations to proceed with the Distributor Tutorial.

    In case you need more information on product listings and product listings requests, refer to the Listings module documentation.

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